5 Kinds of Personal Injuries You Need a Lawyer for

by Insurance 10 December 2019

Very few people expect to suffer personal injuries. When these injuries occur, most individuals tend to follow the path of least resistance, hoping that the damage won’t disrupt their lives too much.

The reality is that personal injuries can have devastating consequences in today’s environment if not dealt with properly. Each year, costs associated with injuries in the United States are in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Few people realize the limits of their insurance and the rights they have to receive just compensation when they suffer injuries in public or in the workplace.

The types of injuries that Americans suffer are varied. Still, these five particular personal injuries necessitate the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. Injuries resulting from complex traffic incidents

According to the CDC, Americans spend more than 1 million days each year in the hospital due to injuries suffered in car crashes. When you experience a traffic injury, you’re often in no position to worry about negotiating hospital costs and legal problems associated with the
incident. Even the most clear-cut traffic incidents can end up compounding your physical pain with monetary and legal issues when the other parties involved enlisting legal assistance. If you experience an injury in a complex traffic incident, seek out a personal injury lawyer

Injuries that involve trauma

Physical injuries are sometimes accompanied by trauma, the effects of which can linger for months or even years. If you suffer any form of trauma as part of an injury, it is wise to secure the services of an experienced attorney who can fight to ensure your counseling services are
covered in your settlement.

Car accidents can get complicated as you will have to also negotiate and address traffic violations. If you are facing serious medical issues, you would like a Traffic Lawyer Kansas City to help you with all such incidents. This will not only help you avoid fines, speeding tickets, and other penalties but also help with your personal injury claims and compensations.

Injuries that occur in the workplace

Americans spend roughly a third of their time in their workplace, so it is not surprising that injuries frequently occur there. The laws surrounding workplace injuries are necessarily complicated. If you suffer an injury at work, consult a personal injury lawyer to ensure you’re
receiving adequate compensation from your employer.

Sports injuries

Some of the most complicated injuries occur on America’s athletic fields. Many athletes do not think that these injuries merit legal assistance. In cases of complex, expensive sports injuries (for example, knee injuries), athletes are wise to consult legal representation to ensure that their injuries do not wipe out their savings.

Injuries suffered during an incident that involves law enforcement

The last thing you will want to think about while recovering from an injury would be a looming court date, even if you were clearly not at fault. When a police report is filed in the course of your injury incident, find a quality personal injury lawyer who can handle the legal aspects of your situation. This will allow you to focus on recovering from the injury.


Injuries are a common occurrence in our fast-paced society, but they need not lead to legal troubles for you. If you’ve suffered an injury and have concerns about the monetary and legal ramifications, give a personal injury lawyer a call.

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