4 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming A Mortgage Adviser

by Job & Career Published on: 27 June 2017 Last Updated on: 28 August 2020


Whether you’re looking for your first job or you want to steer your career in a new direction, a role as a mortgage adviser could be the right fit for you. However, before you start applying for jobs, there are a few things you should know. In this blog, we take a look at four pieces of advice you should pay attention to.

1. You’ll need to be suitably qualified

The first step is to make sure that you’re suitably qualified. So that you can practice as a mortgage adviser, you will need to obtain a certification that’s recognized by the Financial Conduct Authority, such as the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) qualification. You can achieve your CeMAP qualification through classroom-based learning or by completing a course online.

While a degree is not required, it helps to have GCSE grades in maths and English.

2. You’ll need to be prepared to study

In order to attain your certificate in mortgage advice, you will need to be prepared to study. For example, the CeMAP qualification is split up into three modules and you’ll be expected to sit an exam for each one. Whether it takes you six months or two years to complete your studies, or you opt to attend classes in person or study online, you’ll need to be willing to put in the hard work and revision time to gain your certification.

3. It helps to gain work experience

When it comes to securing a role as a mortgage adviser, it helps to gain some work experience. Whether you’ve had practice in sales, customer service, or a finance role, this could enable you to stand out from the crowd, making you more appealing to potential employers. What’s more, you should also find it easier to transition into your new position as a mortgage adviser with some experience under your belt.

4. You’ll need to have the right skills

As with any job, there’s a certain set of skills you’ll need if you want to thrive in your role as a mortgage adviser. For example, in your position, it’s likely you’ll interact with a lot of different people on a daily basis, so it’s vital that you’re a clear and confident communicator. You’ll need to be able to explain complex information in a simplified, easy-to-understand manner, especially when you’re dealing with clients who are going through the home buying process.

As a mortgage adviser, it’s likely you’ll be set specific objectives, so it’s important that you have the drive and determination to meet targets. If you thrive under pressure and you’re looking for a challenge, you could find this role extremely satisfying.

More generally, you will also need to be enthusiastic, be comfortable working with numbers, and be able to pay close attention to detail.

As long as you’re aware of what it takes to be a mortgage adviser and you’re prepared to put in the hard work that’s needed, you shouldn’t struggle to succeed in this type of role.

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