Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution – Complete Guide

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best paying jobs in natural gas distribution

It’s possible to find a career working in your favorite environment because natural gas experts operate in a combination of settings, from office positions to field labor. This is why you should learn what are the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution.

The natural gas sector offers a wide range of professions and employment opportunities. How would you know that working in this field is going to be a wise decision? You have to evaluate some of the career targets, for example, the salary structure. Then another one is the growth potential.

Read this post till the end to find out about a few best high paying jobs in the natural gas distribution sector.

10 High-Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution Sector

If you want to enter this industry, then here are some of the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution that you should eye for:

1. Distribution Specialist

Average Annual Salary: $48,000

To distribute items, distribution professionals collaborate with transportation networks. They run machinery, liaise with suppliers, and load and unload cars. In the natural gas sector, distribution experts assist construction teams in locating the supplies and machinery required to finish a task. They could send equipment to a gas-harvesting plant.

2. Gas Technician

Gas Technician

Average Annual Salary: $50,000

The pipelines, faucets, and appliances that utilize natural gas are the domain of gas technicians. The gear and equipment utilized by households and companies are installed and repaired by these specialists. They might also keep an eye on how pipelines are connected correctly at gas extraction operations.

3. Driller

Average Annual Salary: $60,000

Construction workers who operate large drilling equipment are known as drillers. They become familiar with and follow equipment operating safety procedures. Depending on what they are drilling through, drillers may choose which equipment to employ. Drillers link pipes to subsurface natural gas reserves in the natural gas sector.

4. Construction Supervisor

Construction Supervisor

Average Annual Salary: $62,000

The administrators of construction sites are construction supervisors. They collaborate closely with their construction crew to meet a client’s design requirements.To ensure that the structure is error-free and in compliance with codes, they also work closely with engineers and architects. They assist in building the technologies needed to quickly and effectively collect gas at the sites where it is harvested in the natural gas sector.

5. Distribution Center Supervisor

Distribution Center Supervisor

Average Annual Salary: $64,000

Professionals that supervise facilities for product distribution are known as distribution center supervisors. To guarantee that all equipment is delivered on time, the natural gas sector coordinates logistics with the construction firm and utility facilities. Supervisors at distribution centers collaborate with their staff to move goods through their facility and into the appropriate hands.

6. Distribution Manager

Distribution Manager

Average Annual Salary: $66,000

Professionals that oversee teams that operate in distribution factories are known as distribution managers. To guarantee quality control, they examine and fix products as they leave their factory. Construction teams are assisted by distribution managers in providing any supplies required to build pipelines and deliver gas to customers. Additionally, they establish connections with suppliers and seek to get supplies at reasonable prices.

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7. Geologist

Average Annual, Salary: $68,000

Geologists are scientists who research the origins and makeup of the planet. At locations of geological importance, such as volcanoes, mountains, and other landforms, geologists do field studies. They could also carry out research and write articles while working in a lab. Geologists support the discovery and exploitation of natural gas in the natural gas sector. Geologists utilize their experience to advise the crews who start digging to remove natural gas where it could be located.

8. Constructions Manager

Constructions Manager

Average Annual Salary: $77,000

Construction managers monitor job sites and maintain order among their teams. They are in charge of assigning duties and setting up work schedules for their staff. Construction managers are specialists in building techniques and are able to instruct staff members on how to operate the large gear and equipment required for their projects. They mostly use drilling machinery and the different tools required to build pipelines in the natural gas sector.

9. Environmental Health Officer

Average Annual Salary: $72,000

Environmental health inspectors monitor adherence to safety and health regulations. To ensure that workers are not put in danger by unsafe procedures, they check facilities and working locations. Environmental health inspectors can decide if a place is safe to occupy since they are informed about regional and national construction rules. This police maintain the security of nearby water sources and maintain the safe break of natural gas from other explosive devices while working with natural gas experts.

10. Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $82,000

Chemical engineers are experts in a range of chemical processes and raw materials. They collaborate with design teams to generate sophisticated materials like polymers and metals that are utilized to make elaborate machinery and designs. When it comes to building lengthy stretches of storm-resistant pipelines, chemical engineers collaborate with natural gas distribution teams. They could also take part in reconnaissance since they can spot natural gas, which is pretty valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The answers to some questions asked about the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution are:

Q1. Is Natural Gas Distribution A Good Career Path?

Ans: Working in this field may also be a very good high salary and attractive job profile. And also the accessible roles as well as the hands-on experience which the employments can provide.

Q2. Which Oil And Gas Company Pays The Most?

Ans: These oil and gas companies make the most:

Royal Dutch Shell

Q3. Why Do Gas Stations Pay So Much?

Ans: The cost of oil is the single biggest reason for the high price, followed by refinery charges, gas station fees, and state taxes. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that the price of oil makes up 53.6% of the total cost at the pump.


It’s possible to find a career working in your favorite environment because natural gas experts operate in a variety of settings, from office positions to field labor. This is why you should learn what are the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution.

The natural gas sector offers a wide range of professions and employment opportunities. Working in this field is a good selection that is offered by the industries, and we all know that natural gas distribution is a part of basic utilities. And basic utilities are not going to end, so growth possibilities are always high.

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