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by Technology Published on: 10 May 2018 Last Updated on: 19 September 2018

App Tracking

When the Internet hype started about 15 years ago, individuals and companies started to build a website en masse. Nobody knew exactly what you could do with a website and what the right commercial move was, but staying behind was not an option. In the years that followed, new opportunities were developed and the number of tools to measure success also grew. The online strategy thus became an important part of business management.

With the advent of mobile applications, the digital environment has changed a lot. The big difference with 15 years ago is that the lessons from then can be taken to the mobile platform. In addition, new applications are available to measure the success of mobile apps. In this article, we will go into this and show how apps can be improved on the basis of app metrics. App metrics is collecting data about an app through various tools. Three important app metrics are reached, engagement/retention and profit.  With the process, you will also need the proper support for tracking the app locations and users.

1. Range :

It is important that an app is found and known under the right target group. There are several ways to bring an app to the attention. For example, an app website can be developed, a Facebook page can be created, Twitter can be used or press releases can be sent to national and international media. After launching the app, the result is easy to measure based on the total number of downloads of the app and the number of new users of the app.

2. Engagement / retention :

The number of downloads is obviously a good indicator of the success of an app, but it is also important that the app is used. A second important indicator is, therefore, engagement, or how actively an app is used. The metrics for measuring the engagement and interaction of an app are the number of active users and the degree of use (duration and repetition of app usage). This data provides an insight into how well an app is valued by its users.

3. Profit: Is it possible to make a lot of money with an app?

Many download and high engagement are two key indicators of success, but for many app developers, making money is the most important thing. That is why profit and ROI (return on investment) are important indicators of commercial success. The ROI can easily be calculated by the formula: (total return – incurred costs/costs incurred) x 100%.

4. Other metrics :

For many apps, commercial success is not the end goal, but the app is a means to improve business processes for example. By defining the purpose of the app in advance, it is easier to determine your own metrics and measure the success of your app.

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