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by Business Intelligence Published on: 16 March 2021 Last Updated on: 12 May 2021

Canada Residential Proxy

The market is teeming with residential proxies nowadays. It is not very hard to find a residential proxy provider offering their services for Canada. However, going with the first one you see will doubtfully be beneficial for you.

How can one choose a reputable residential proxy accommodation? It is crucial to pay attention at:

  • the safety level the company offers for its clients;
  • the speed you can connect with;
  • the price policy and the possibility of free trials;
  • other clients’ reviews.

With all that in mind, you will get a bargain. By the way, there are free residential proxy accommodations for Canada too. You can try them, but it is not advised to use them for something serious. The issue is in the level of their security. Another problem is connection. The sessions often fall off and the speed is not fast enough.

Canada Residential Proxy Accommodation Comparison:

If you are in need of buying Canada residential proxies, first of all, learn the market. An informed person is an empowered person.


It is possible to fulfill brand monitoring, crawling, etc. while staying incognito with GeoSurf. It has thousands of IPs in the country in the discussion. The prices start from $450 per month. This cannot be called ‘cheap’ unfortunately.

It has more than 16500 addresses. You can sign up for free. You will be able to attract buyers without facing restrictions. Sox offers payments starting from $75 for 5 Gb.


Luminati offers a large pool of residential proxies for Canada. It is great for collecting and extracting data. Their prices start from $15 per Gb.


Offering global coverage, Oxylabs does not avoid Canada. Oxylab’s proxies are suitable for the usual needs of clients. You can buy their residential proxies starting from $300 per month.


The connection is usually fast. There are more than 6000 Canadian addresses in their pool. The price policy starts from $49 for 100 threads.

How OnlineSIM Differs?

OnlineSIM has over 60 million unique addresses in its pool. It works with more than 100 lands including Canada. You will experience high-security level and comfortable market research, multiple account creations, parsing, and crawling.

Tariffs are loyal; you can pay for the user traffic or for unlimited gigabytes. OnlineSIM’s service is reliable as well as its mobile proxies. Buy them from 1 Gb for 15 days costs $21.65. Besides, you can try OnlineSIM’s ‘promo’ tariff. It includes 100 Mb for 15 days for $2.5.

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