How B2C Businesses Can Reach Customers Better Through SMS?

by Business 08 July 2021

B2C Businesses

It’s almost impossible to imagine your day without a mobile device. When most users get an SMS, their hands reach for the gadgets almost in a reflective way. According to statistics, 99% of notifications are opened within the first 5 minutes, regardless of their content.

Moreover, 96% of SMS are read within 3 minutes. Such numbers confirm the fact that SMS marketing is a powerful tool for the implementation of B2C business. Reach out to your customers with SMS marketing to gain their attention.

SMS marketing is the targeted delivery of notifications to your main audience. This communication option is relevant for all types of business. In this way, companies can deliver information directly to their customers, while getting a large percentage of the return. As a channel of contact, SMS mailing allows you to achieve high results in a short period of time.

The main advantage of SMS marketing messages is the instant delivery of information to users. There are several reasons why it is worth using mobile applications to communicate with your target audience:

For text messaging in your business to be effective and help you attract customers, you need to segment your users, as well as shape your content according to the needs of people. You should also pay special attention to link verification, adding triggers to your message, and avoiding spam. Brevity is the sister of talent, so your SMS should be concise and informative.

Communication with your customers via texting gives the illusion of urgency. This technique allows you to increase the percentage of reading notifications.

The most effective method of engaging customers via SMS is by using automated productivity monitoring programs. This is exactly what the Testelium platform is about. The automated platform provides you with an opportunity to test the notifications that your company sends to your target audience quickly and effectively. Testelium is easily launched via the API to verify SMS. Use this service and improve the quality of communication channels with your main market segment! The testing process includes:

  1. Test if your SMS notifications are delivered. With Testelium, you can check if telephone numbers are real. This will greatly improve your routine.
  2. Test of the sender’s identifier. The platform allows you to check what is being delivered to users and from which addressee.
  3. DLR genuineness test. Fake DLRs will be identified during testing.

Analytics is your main partner in reaching target audiences through text messaging. Use the services of the Testelium platform through the API to verify SMS. Monitor your productivity and improve customer experience with SMS.

5 clever ways to use text messaging in your business

5 clever ways to use text messaging in your business

An SMS message is a great option for extra communication with your target audience. There are many ways you can spread useful information and attract customers through mobile applications like WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram. We present you a list of the most effective ways of reaching out to customers with bulk texting:

  1. Current discounts and promotional offers. The former always attract customers and increase sales.
  2. Congratulations on the anniversary of cooperation or the client’s birthday. Such pleasant little things increase trust and bring your brand closer to the audience.
  3. Competitions. Creative lotteries and valuable prizes can show your company’s generosity and reliability.
  4. Motivational messages and advice. Social responsibility and conscientious production are in trend today. Communication with your customers via texting comes with information on how your brand cares for the environment. Add a motivational message about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

A great option for using SMS marketing is real-time customer service. Modern people are more likely to give preference to writing a message than talking on a fixed phone. Try this business texting option and attract new clients.

The Testelium platform will help you check which communication methods work best. With the automated API to verify SMS program, companies can:

  • analyze the effectiveness of their SMS messages;
  • check traffic routing;
  • monitor SMSC;
  • analyze time stamps.

The system of API to verify SMS allows you to test your reaching out to customers with bulk texting and the quality of SMS routes quickly and safely. Check and attract new customers using SMS messages! Use this leverage SMS for your business and become B2C leaders in your market segment!

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