Safe Access: 7 Key Advantages of Installing an Automated Machine Safety Door

by Technology Published on: 27 December 2019 Last Updated on: 24 November 2021

Automated machine safety door

Factory and industrial safety are very important considerations for owners and employees. Industrial injuries can sideline a worker for weeks, months, or permanently and cost both the worker and the employer thousands of dollars. Accident and injury preventative measures are less costly. Installing an automated machine safety door is one way to add to workplace safety. An advantage of this type of door is that it can increase productivity and profits. These roll-up doors are equipped with safety features such as a traveling photo-eye sensor that can stop the door in seconds.

One of the first things businesses and manufacturing facilities should look to take care of is getting experts on the scene. Proceeding with one or two steps every year will invariably result in some of the other types of accidents. The best way to draw up a long-term plan is to go for machine and safety consulting. This will help in creating a detailed and informative safety guide that will inform both the workers as well as the employers at the workplace. The slightest lapses can lead to life-threatening injuries and result in the stoppage of the production process for weeks on end! As a business, you do not want that to happen.

How Can These Doors be Effectively Installed?

There are several types of roll-up safety doors and a number of manufacturers. But, by choosing Dynatect, the company owner separates or isolates dangerous operations from other parts of the manufacturing process such as materials, equipment, and workers. This brand and type of door are installed using the current machine guard boards on every side of the door to space. This further separates the manufacturing environments and enhances safety.

If the hazardous manufacturing space does not have the machine guard panels, there are installation products to add to the door purchase to accomplish the same safety effect. There are steel plates that allow for a custom adaptation of the safety doors to the available opening. Each safety door comes with adaptive parts available as well as technical advice and help for proper, effective installation and operation.

Requirements For Safety Measures Such as Doors

The safety of employees is a major factor in the workplace. Moving machine parts, flying sparks and chips, and other machine functions that may cause injury to employees in the area of a machine in operation must be safeguarded. One way to do this is by separating this equipment with the installation of a barrier. When the operation of a machine has a chance of accidental contact injuring employees, the hazards have to be eliminated or controlled.

The precautions taken for safety such as the installation of an automated machine safety door must meet certain requirement goals.

  1. Preventing contact of hands, arms, and other body parts with dangerous moving machine parts.
  2. The machine must be made secure from tampering and removal of safety devices.
  3. All machinery should be made safe from falling objects getting into its moving parts.
  4. The safety measures should not create any new hazards. The rolling door must-have safety features such as photo-eye sensors to stop the door in seconds.
  5. The safety measures such as rolling doors should not create interference with the machine operation and production speed.
  6. Safety measures should allow for space for machine maintenance such as lubrication.
  7. The automated machine safety door provides a warning and barrier if it is properly marked.

Advantages of Automated Machine Safety Door:

When considering the purchase of rolling machine safety doors, look for these 7 advantages: reliability and durability of the door mechanisms; easy installation with a modular system; a freestanding design that does not require an existing wall for installation; a simple, safe, and effective design; a door with accessible parts when service is needed; an adaptable design that works in different settings; and a door design with an attractive appearance.

The correct choice of machine safety door will be convenient to use, increase safety, and lead to increased production and profits. Automated doors are more convenient than manual doors. Both automated and manual doors can meet safety standards if they are properly maintained and adjusted. But automated doors offer convenience that may save time.

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