5 Ways to Save Money on Marketing

by Marketing 24 October 2017


Marketing is a critical component to the success of any business. In fact, marketing is what makes the difference between one brand and another. All enterprise requires marketing to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Appropriate advertisement efforts have seen very small brands overtake giant players in the market. Therefore, marketing is the defining force behind the success of any enterprise whether small or big.

The challenge is that the cost of marketing is usually among the highest costs within the firm. Any profit maximizing entity must look for ways of minimizing the budget that is attached to marketing. This calls for a SMART approach towards marketing. Here are some five ways of saving money on marketing.

1. Carry Out Intensive Research

Have you heard of the ancient Greek saying that states that knowledge is power? Making informed decisions is a sure way of cutting your marketing costs. Make sure you have sufficient information on the preferences of your consumers, where they spend most of their time and the kind of products and services they like buying. Such information will assist you to put in place the right marketing strategy. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending money on marketing efforts that either have minimal or negative returns on investment. Intensive research will assist you to come across some cost effective but efficient alternatives that will help you save some cash on marketing.

2. Integrate Some Free Platforms in Your Marketing Campaigns

Some marketers hold onto the believe that free marketing efforts yield no results. This is a misconception because each industry has some free marketing tools that can take your advertisement campaigns to a new level. You need to take advantage of some of the freeways of gaining visibility. You will be able to save money on marketing as it will cost you nothing to use some of these tools. For instance, you could create a basic free website, publish the content of your brand on your social media profile, or publish guest posts on other people’s blogs at no cost. You could also involve your brand in local events, or listed in industry organizations or directories. In this case, the only investment you will require will be your time and you will be on the move.

3. Do it Yourself

Most entrepreneurs like to hire marketing experts such as SEO firms to assist them in running their campaigns. This is an excellent approach especially when you need enough time to handle other errands of the company. Outsourcing is good because it comes with a high return on investment. However, there is a cost implication depending on the package you choose. The best approach could be to handle some of these issues on your own. However, you should not do this at the expense of other important tasks that need to be undertaken. Also, make sure you have enough skills for whatever marketing task you wish to undertake by yourself. You can employ a specialist to run the technical parts of your marketing efforts as you do the basic. This will significantly reduce your marketing costs without having any negative effects on the enterprise.

4. Deal and Discount

One way to save money on marketing is through deals and discounts. Customers are always on search of those retailers who are offering the best deals and discounts out there. Your target audience will start looking for you and not the vice versa. Marketing service deals are very effective because the news about your brand will begin to spread like bone fire. This strategy transforms the current consumers of your products into evangelists for the brand.

5. Keep Everything Simple

Most marketers waste a lot of money by transforming and enhancing strategies that don’t require further changes. There is no need to modify a strategy that is already giving you excellent results as such changes may add no value. Learn to keep it as it is as long as it is working well for your brand.

Saving money on marketing does not imply going for the cheapest marketing options. Some of the low-cost marketing strategies out there can be counterproductive and hence increasing the cost of running the business. All you need to do is look for the areas you are spending a lot of money and find ways of cutting down on the cost without compromising on the quality of your marketing efforts.

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