4 Sneaky Tricks for Boosting Office Productivity

by Management Published on: 26 May 2018 Last Updated on: 17 September 2018

Boosting Office

Productivity is a concept that business owners and managers are always striving to maximize. Increased employee productivity often leads to increased profits and business success. These sneaky tricks can help you boost office productivity.

Limit Required Meetings :

Meetings are often a necessary part of the business day. They allow employees to catch up with one another, brainstorm in a group environment, and delegate project tasks. The problem, however, is that many meetings are time-consuming and not actually productive. In fact, it is estimated that office employees spend over 31 hours each month attending unproductive meetings. That translates to a lot of lost productivity and wasted employee time.

Before planning an office meeting, consider the agenda and which employees really need to attend. Create a meeting content ahead of time to cut down on communication that is not relevant to the specific meeting. Remote meetings are easier than ever in today’s technological world, and they cut down on commute time. If you must have an in-office meeting, consider a non-sedentary meeting. People are less likely to waste time when they are standing.

Encourage Breaks :

Discouraging breaks might force employees to spend more time at their workspace, but it could actually harm their productivity. Skipping breaks in between work tasks can cause employees to lose concentration and productivity. Frequent breaks are needed to refresh the mind. There have been many studies regarding the exact work to break time ratio that is needed for optimal productivity.

Creating an environment that is encouraging of breaks can actually be beneficial for both mental and physical productivity. Many businesses today are adapting to this change of pace by offering coffee stations, game rooms, and even exercise rooms in the office. They are finding that by giving employees the option to take breaks throughout the day, they are better prepared to handle their expected workload and to meet production deadlines.

Minimize Office Interruptions :

Regular office disruptions can severely affect productivity. We live in a world today where technology is always at our fingertips, alerting us to a friend’s status update or a text asking for dinner plans. Encouraging a quiet workspace can help to increase productivity.

Give employees the option of a quiet workspace to work on especially difficult tasks. Encourage employees to take their breaks in a designated break room to cut down on workspace chatter. Keep ringing phones in the lobby and away from offices and meeting rooms.

Create a Comfortable Environment :

An uncomfortable environment can also affect productivity. A workspace that is overheated or too cold can make it difficult to concentrate. Adjust the office temperature to a consistent, yet comfortable setting. If many employees are complaining about the heat, consider adjusting the air conditioning up. It is also important to maintain your HVAC system. An HVAC system that does not efficiently cool or heats the office can create an environment that is uncomfortable and non-productive.

Being aware of the biggest deters to workplace productivity can help you to overcome them. These tips can help you create a workspace that is conducive to maximum productivity.

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