4 Tips for Better Product Packaging

by Management 29 May 2018

Product Packaging

The package that a product comes in can say a lot about the brand that makes it and the quality of the product inside. Of course, package appeal is only one side of the coin, as cost-efficiency, space allocation, and durability also need to be considered when selecting packaging materials. Ultimately, your goal should be to use packaging that represents your product in the best way possible. If you’ve been looking at your product’s packaging lately and thinking “we can do better than this,” try heeding the following four tips to rehaul your package design and concept.

1. Consider Shrink Wrap Labels:

Shrink wrap conforms perfectly to the shape of the container the product is stored in, creating a highly professional and commercial look every time. The wrap covers every side of the product, giving you plenty of room to list directions, ingredients, company history, product info, and marketing materials that promote your brand and other products. You may want to order a few different shrink wrap labels to compare several prototype designs before making a larger order.

2. Optimize Foam and Padding Materials:

In addition to switching up the exterior of your product packaging, if some of your packages are getting dented or scratched during transit, you may also want to invest in foam, bubble wrap, or other cushioning materials to eliminate that problem. Switching to a custom foam shape that sturdily holds your product in place within the shipping box is the best approach. The cost of ordering new foam arrangements in bulk may be compensated by the number of product packages that are saved from damage. Therefore, new cushioning could wind up being an investment that pays for itself in the long run.

3. Hold a Package Design Contest:

Most businesses hire a freelancer or logo design company to take care of their branding on a bespoke basis. However, an even better way to get maximum input and creativity in your project is to hold a logo and/or slogan design contest on several graphic design and webmaster forums. The benefit of having designers compete in a contest format is that you get a much larger pool of content to choose from. With all of that input to work with, you can even combine concepts from various artists and incorporate your own ideas into the final version.

4. Tamper-Proof and Easy-Open Features:

Once you have the package design and protection features handled, you’ll want to focus on safety and convenience at the consumer level. Consult with packaging specialists to discuss options for tamper proofing your individual product packaging. Likewise, look for ways to make your packaging easier to open, particularly if you’re selling items that buyers will be purchasing repeatedly and opening on a regular basis.

Packaging Is Paramount for Brand Image:

Since the package is usually the first representation of your product when it’s on the shelves, investing in appealing, durable, and effective packaging is a crucial decision that will affect your brand’s perceived image tremendously. A detailed and well-designed package can serve as a standalone advertisement directly on the product itself. On the other hand, a bland product package can have the opposite effect – deterring buyers, most of whom will quickly look past a less-than-professional product package without thinking twice.

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