4 Secrets to Building a Strong Personal Brand

by Marketing 09 January 2019

Personal Brand

For entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other self-employed individuals, building a personal brand is more important than ever.

Without a solid reputation in the industry, it can be difficult for a one-person army to build credibility and gain the trust of new clients.

Here are four secrets to building and managing a powerful personal brand:

1. Establish a Professional Online Presence:

In this day and age, you simply cannot survive without an online presence.

The first step is to build a personal website. Unlike social media, you have full control over your own website.

Make sure it looks professional and up-to-date and contains all the relevant information about who you are and what you do. Don’t forget to add a prominent call-to-action for getting in touch.

Next, clean up your social media profiles and get all the content and information you share with the public in order.

Delete any distasteful posts, offensive comments, or unprofessional images or videos that can potentially harm your reputation as a professional.

Pro-Tip: A great way to establish a searchable online presence is to get on Wikipedia. Check out entrepreneur Kris Duggan’s Wikipedia page as an example.

2. Understand Your Audience:

Before you can effectively establish a strong personal brand, you need to know who you’re trying to sell yourself to.

Start by doing your research: Find out the topics that interest your audience, and understand their needs and values. Try to stay updated with the latest trends and discussions in your industry, too.

Also, make sure you’re active only on the social media platforms relevant to your audience.

If your potential customers don’t use Instagram, avoid wasting your time and energy there. If they are mostly business professionals, LinkedIn should be your priority platform.

3. Post Authentic Content:

Personal branding is not about creating a fake persona and trying to sell it.

It’s about strategically differentiating yourself from the competition by being your original self.

Avoid posting meaningless content that doesn’t align with your values or goals.

Instead, share useful and authentic content that reflects who you are, such as your personal experiences, industry insights, professional reviews, or tips to make it big, etc.

Whatever you do, it’s important to stay original. Remember, personal brands are all about credibility. And that credibility comes with authenticity.

4. Engage with Your Network:

Getting lots of followers or connections on your social network isn’t enough. If you don’t interact with them, how do you expect to connect with them on a personal level?

Personal branding is all about building relationships. The first step is to regularly engage with your audience.

Take part in conversations and discussions. Don’t be afraid to give advice, answer questions, and voice your opinions. Also, like and comment on other people’s posts. Your network will appreciate it and will likely reciprocate.

Start Building Your Personal Brand Today:

Developing a powerful personal brand can enhance your reputation, build credibility, and help you grow your clientele.

The strategies above will help you get started.

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