Here Are a Few Services Your Small Business Will Need

by Small Business 18 June 2018

Small Business

Enterprise-level corporations hire enough staffers so that they don’t need a lot of the services that a small business will need. The bigger the company, the more likely they are to do everything in-house. If you are a sole proprietor, the only in-house staff you have on hand is yourself.

It won’t take long before you run into the limits of what you can do by yourself. It also will not take you very long to realize that you simply can’t hire everyone you need to get things done. In the very beginning, you probably won’t be able to hire anyone at all.

Fortunately, there is a happy medium between doing it all yourself and hiring a bunch of staff you can’t afford. That is where business-to-business services come in. Small business runs on services. Some are specific to an industry. Others are common to all. Here is a small sampling of both:

Breakroom Services :

The moment you rent an office space and have enough people to justify it, you are going to need some breakroom services. You will find a lot of those Aramark office water coolers along with other branded products in offices throughout the business park. There will be a coffee machine or two already connected to a water supply – you know: the kind where you just drop in a flavor pod and press a few buttons.

Some of the services even offer micro markets where you can get sandwiches, fresh snacks, and other vendor products. Not only are these types of services appreciated by the staff, they can increase productivity because fewer workers will see the need to get in the car and drive off the lot to find a bite to eat or drink. While breakroom services may seem like a superfluous expense, breakroom services are serious business.

Communications Services :

There may be a brief period of time in the beginning when you can run your business from your cell phone. But depending on the industry you are in, that simply won’t work for very long. Eventually, you are going to have to get plugged into some sort of communications service.

There are always the traditional telco options. But VoIP solutions make a lot more sense for small businesses with only a handful of employees. With VoIP, you pay a lower upfront cost and only pay for what you need thereafter. You can even use your existing mobile phone in many cases. Not every business relies on the phone. But if yours does, you will need communications services.

Staffing Services :

We keep bringing up all that highly qualified staff you can’t afford right now. The simple solution is to use a staffing service. You can bring on the right people with the skills you need for that moment in your business. It is not just for cleaning staff. It is for developers, project managers, medical professionals, and most every other profession you might need.

Staffing services deal with the screening, the payroll, and the regulatory compliance. You don’t need a human resources department to bring on staff. You just need the right staffing service.

Cleaning Services :

Don’t think you can buy a mop and a broom expecting that you will manage all the cleaning yourself. You can’t. And you won’t. But cleaning is absolutely essential when you have office space and people to fill it. Crumbs lead to insects. Germs lead to sick leave. Spills lead to workman’s comp. Full trash cans lead to wanting to work someplace else.

Shredding :

There are many reasons to choose a paper shredding service. One of the main reasons is regulatory compliance. Some industries require shredding. And that can’t always be done properly with an off-the-shelf device. You also don’t get to just toss the clippings out with the coffee grounds. There are specific rules for shredding and handling.

As a small business owner, you may not need all these services right now. But sooner than you think, you are going to have to start looking into breakroom services, communications services, staffing services, cleaning services, and shredding services. This is only the tip of the services iceberg. We haven’t even considered those make or break financial services no business can survive without.

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