Ways To Invest In Gold

by Investing 31 January 2023

Invest In Gold

More than 5 thousand years ago, the ancient Egyptians endowed gold with a reference value because of its unsurpassed chemical properties: the metal is not susceptible to oxidation and corrosion. Thus, neither time nor storage conditions affect gold. Therefore, historically, investing in gold has always been popular. Below we will tell you what methods of investing in gold are known at the moment.

Methods Of Gold Investment

There are various avenues for investors to purchase gold:

  • Buy gold bars;
  • Buy gold investment coins;
  • Open an unallocated metal account;
  • Purchase stock in gold mining firms;
  • Purchase gold fund shares.

1. Gold bars

Gold bars

The benefit of purchasing gold bars is that the investor is purchasing a physical asset that can even be gifted or bequeathed, such as Pacific Precious Metals, which includes both bars and coins.

However, there are some nuances to consider when buying gold bars. For example, any scratch reduces the value of the ingot. Therefore, it should be stored either in a safe deposit box or in an individual safe. When storing at home, it is important not to violate the integrity of the packaging. It is also necessary to keep the documents received during the purchase of the ingot: a cash receipt and a certificate of authenticity.

2. Gold Investment Coins

One rule works here, the smaller the circulation of the coin and the greater the weight of the metal, the more expensive the coin will become. Hint: you can find the weight of the coin you are interested in on the coin, and in the reference materials of the mint or the banks that issued the coin, you can find information about the mintage.

Collectible value is the main difference between investment coin and bullion. The following system works here: the rarer the coin, the faster its value grows, in contrast to the cost of the bullion. However, any flaw in the coin can greatly reduce its value of the coin. Here everything is the same as in the case of the bullion.

3. Impersonal Metal Accounts

. Impersonal Metal Accounts


In fact, OMS is analogous to bank accounts. They are accounts that take into account the purchase of gold at a rate in grams, but without information about the sample, bar numbers, and manufacturer – that’s why they are called “impersonal”.

4. Open An Unallocated Metal Account

One of the most tempting ways to get involved in the expected increase in the cost of gold is gold mining stocks which are extremely sensitive to gold quotes.

5. Purchase Gold Fund Shares

Purchase Gold Fund Shares

Some funds invest in real physical gold in the bullion variety, others in futures contracts for the precious metal. The most popular among investors, of course, are ETFs that invest in gold bars and store them in Western banks, since the shares of such funds usually have high liquidity against the backdrop of physical gold.


Gold as an investment is, first of all, a protective asset, which is less subject to volatility during periods of market fluctuations. Therefore, investors in moments of economic recession and serious falls in the stock market flow precisely into precious metals.

Previously, the primary form of money was gold, coins were made from it, which were used as a means of payment. But later gold turned more into an investment instrument.

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