TXC Stock – Is It Worth Investing In 2022?

by Investing Published on: 22 June 2022 Last Updated on: 23 June 2022

TXC Stock

The stock market is an ever-changing sector and when it comes to stock prices, their volatility is a matter of consideration to the investors. It is necessary to check updates regarding a specific share or stock or crypto coin before finalizing an investment.

Today we will speak about one such most frequently discussed stock called TXC stock. In this guide, we will be detailing all the necessary information about TXC stock including price prediction, market cap, 52 weeks H/L, historical price, and many others. 

TXC Stock?

Before knowing TXC stock, it is required to know what TXC actually is. TXC corporation is one of the leading frequency control professional product manufacturers. It focuses mainly on research, development, planning, design, manufacture, and sale of Surface Mount Device (SMD), Dual-Inline-Package (DIP), quartz crystal, and oscillator products The company is headquartered in Taiwan. TXC stock belongs to the TXC corporation and it’s also known as (3042: Taiwan).

Here are some of the details of TXC stocks. let’s have a look at the table for knowing more about the company profile.

Founded On 1983
Employees Numbers2,518
Share Price
Primary Office Address4F, No. 16, Sec 2, Chung Yang S. Road Peitou, Taipei, 112, Taiwan

Present TXC Stock Price

The present price of TXC stock, that is the price on today’s date is 96.80 TWD. Knowing the live price is crucial in order to understand and predict the future trend and make investment decisions.  

Market Cap, Dividend Yield, & P/E Ratio Of TXC Stock

Market Cap, Dividend Yield, & PE Ratio Of TXC Stock

The table below highlights the TXC caps, P/E ratio, and dividend yield of TXC stock. Knowing all these statistics makes sense if you are going to invest in TXC stock. Take a look at the table below:

TXC caps856.88Cr
P/E ratio2.50
Div yield6.64%

52 Week High & 52 Week Low Of TXC Stock

Here are the 52-week high and low values of TXC stock. This is also a piece of important information that helps to derive the future TXC stock values.

52 Week High: 56.86
52 Week Low: 26.41

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TXC Stock Price Prediction

In order to predict the TXC stock price, the stock market professionals have taken into account both historical and upcoming stock price data. Check out the tables and analysis below right now.

1. 14 Days Historical TXC Stock Price

DateOpening priceClosing priceMinimum priceMaximum price
2022-01-14Open: 102Close: 102.5Low: 101High: 102.5
2022-01-13Open: 101.5Close: 102Low: 101.5High: 102
2022-01-12Open: 103Close: 101.5Low: 101High: 103
2022-01-11Open: 102Close: 102Low: 102High: 102.5
2022-01-10Open: 103Close: 103Low: 102.5High: 103
2022-01-07Open: 102Close: 102.5Low: 102High: 103
2022-01-06Open: 104.5Close: 104.5Low: 104.5High: 105
2022-01-05Open: 106.5Close: 105.5Low: 105.5High: 106.5
2022-01-04Open: 107Close: 107.5Low: 107High: 108
2022-01-03Open: 106.5Close: 106Low: 106High: 107
2021-12-30Open: 105.5Close: 105.5Low: 105.5High: 106
2021-12-29Open: 108.5Close: 107.5Low: 107.5High: 108.5
2021-12-28Open: 107Close: 105.5Low: 105High: 107
2021-12-27Open: 107Close: 106.5Low: 106.5High: 107.5

Source: https://walletinvestor.com/twse-stock-forecast/3042-stock-prediction 

Analysis: The TXC stock 14 days’ historical price is shown in the table above. It is possible to observe that all the parameters, opening price, closing price, maximum and minimum price are on a lower trend. 

2. Upcoming TXC Stock Price

DatePriceMin PriceMax Price
2022-01-18Price: 102.318Min: 100.113Max: 104.646
2022-01-19Price: 103.220Min: 100.945Max: 105.428
2022-01-20Price: 102.020Min: 99.687Max: 104.159
2022-01-21Price: 100.709Min: 98.536Max: 102.908
2022-01-24Price: 99.909Min: 97.666Max: 102.122
2022-01-25Price: 100.727Min: 98.432Max: 103.079
2022-01-26Price: 101.629Min: 99.351Max: 103.780
2022-01-27Price: 100.429Min: 98.267Max: 102.692
2022-01-28Price: 99.118Min: 96.885Max: 101.414
2022-01-31Price: 98.317Min: 96.161Max: 100.590

Source: https://walletinvestor.com/twse-stock-forecast/3042-stock-prediction 

Analysis: The table given above is the upcoming price prediction of TXC Stock. From 18th January 2022 to 31st January 2022, the trends for the stock price, maximum price, and minimum price will remain in a downward direction.

Graphical Presentation Of Trend Components Of The TXC Stock Price Prediction

Graphical Presentation Of Trend Components Of The TXC Stock Price Prediction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What Is The TXC Stock Price / Share Price Today?

As per the stock market updates, the TXC stock price today 22th June 2022 is 96.80 TWD. 

Q2. Will TXC Stock Price Grow / Rise / Go Up?

According to TXC stock price prediction, it can go up from 100.500 TWD on 18th January 2022 to 139.107 TWD on 18th January 2023. 

Q3. Is It Profitable To Invest In TXC Stock?

As said by the stock market experts, investing in TXC stock is profitable. You can put it in the category of high ROI bringing investment options. The long-term earning potential could be +38.41% in a single year. 

Q4. What Will TXC Stock Price Be Worth In Five Years (2026)?

As per the stock market specialists’ predictions, the future price of 30442 TXC stock will be 286.765 TWD. This indicates a considerable amount of profit hike by the year 2026.    

Q5. Will TXC Stock Price Hit 1 000 Twd Price In A Year?

There is no possibility of TXC dollars reaching 1 000 TWD prices at least within a year.

The Verdict – Is TXC Stock Worth Investing In 2022?

Now that you know every detail about TXC stock, it’s upon you whether you will decide to invest in this stock. As per long-term TXC Stock price prediction, it has the potential to grow from 100.500 TWD to 139.107 TWD in a single year. Thus, it is possible to conclude that TXC stock is worth investing considering the trend of its price and profitability.

Disclaimer: Dear readers, the TXC Stock Price data and other facts above are just assumptions. The data above refers to the information present on the leading cryptomarket websites. The actual values might change based on the situation.

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