Why VoIP is the backbone of every business in today’s digital era

by Technology Published on: 29 December 2018 Last Updated on: 28 August 2020


VoIP is such a hot topic to discuss these days. Any why it shouldn’t be? The ease and efficiency that VoIP phone number offers in the businesses are beyond elucidation. Businesses have saved 40% on their operational costs after star using a VoIP system.

Seeing the multi-facet utility of US virtual phone number, a total of 31% business start using VoIP system to increase productivity and save a lot on operational cost. All these figures are just a glimpse of what VoIP does to a business. The whole reality is far more impressive and astonishing.

VoIP is the fourth generation of telephony and we must say that it the most advanced and result-oriented one that makes an office phone number more than just a phone. It transfers it into a device that can handle numerous calls at a time, greet your clients with a welcome message, and even convert voicemails into emails over a single click.

So, what is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is one f the most innovative telephony system that allows a user to make and receive calls with the help of an internet connection.

Why there is so much hype about it?

Well, as its name suggests, a VoIP phone number allows a user to call over an internet connection, it is a great way to communicate over a global scale at an affordable business Businesses these days aim high and want to expand globally. Apart from this, customer satisfaction is the key to thrive in this competitive world.  All these are issues that a VoIP handles with ease. Here is what all VoIP does to a business.

It saves a lot on operational cost:

In an era when nothing is local, building a constant communication with all the key business points via traditional telephone can cost you a fortune. For instance, a normal mobile to mobile call from the UK to USA costs you somewhere £2/min.  Now, imaging with such cost you had to arrange the meetings that go for hours and hours. The bill is going to get you a serious headache.

Now, the same meeting you can arrange at a peanut’s cost with a VoIP number. You can get a virtual phone number for free with a maximum of two users from CallHippo and can make international calls at an affordable cost.

When switching to VoIP from traditional telephony system, businesses can usually save 50-60% on total calling expenses. The number is huge and impressive. Isn’t?

It fills the silence diligently:

Would you like to pay for those calls during which you haven’t talked at all?

Of course not. When you are communicating with another person over the phone, there is some silence space as well. if you are using a traditional telephony system then you are bound to pay for your silence as well. However, this is not the case with VoIP. In order to reduce the bandwidth, US virtual phone numbers fill the silence space with data. That means no more paying for silence.

Your business needs cross-platform communication and VoIP exactly does the same:

Well, businesses these days are not two-ways. It happens on a various level with different platforms working simultaneously. In this situation, you need to have a contrivance that will allow establishing communication at any point in time with all these cross-platform.   A VoIP is that device.

For instance, a virtual office phone number offered by CallHippo comes with multiplatform integration. Zoho, Zendesk, Slack, And Zapier are some of the key platforms that can be synced with your virtual phone number. With this, you can easily communicate between CRM and other platforms of your businesses without any hassle. This cross-platform communication helps a business to run smoothly and seamlessly.

You need unified communication and VoIP gives it:

Unified communication is the key to success for every business. Unified communication is the communication that brings factors end-users’ demands, company’s resources, workflow and calendaring over a single platform and leverage the productivity of your business. Unified communication is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the organization.

Doing this is possible if you have a VoIP by your side.   With its help, you can do agent scheduling, intelligent call distribution, reduce waiting time for the caller and so on. With taking all forms of communication on board, a VoIP ensure that the communication bridge with the enterprise, end-user, and resources is stable and constant.

You can’t overlook customer satisfaction:

Well, this is no secret that customer satisfaction is one of the major factors that ensure the success of a business. Regardless of your business size and type, customers rule over you. If your eye to render remarkable customer satisfaction then you should have a robust telephony system by your side that reduces call waiting time, greet the caller and update them about their concerns.  A VoIP number does that perfectly.

Running a business demands a lot of skills and modern-edge tools. While skills are something that is innate, you can easily acquire modern-edge tools by owning a VoIP phone system. So, get yourself a cost-effective US virtual phone number and enjoy hassle-free operations.

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