What Is Home Staging?

by Real Estate 30 January 2023

furnishing and styling a property

Home staging is simply the process of furnishing and styling a property to enhance its attractiveness to potential buyers. This can make all the difference.

Whether renting or selling properties, it makes sense that properties should be presented in the best possible way. It doesn’t matter if a property is to be sold or rented, it is going to attract a better price if it is staged well.

Housebuilders And Developers Set The Stage

Housebuilders And Developers

Housebuilders and property developers are renowned for staging houses to sell. When potential buyers enquire about a development project they are, more often than not, given a tour around a show home. This is a perfect example of what their home could be.

Creating the illusion of a stylish home makes sense. It can help potential buyers understand how they could use space and visualize how their furniture will look in the place once it’s finished.

It’s no wonder savvy developers spend time and money to create spaces that people can walk through when they want to buy a new home. Housebuilders have interior designers making sure that show homes have a real wow factor.

The ultimate goal with home staging is to turn an empty shell into an appealing home where every room looks its best for potential buyers.

Staging Homes For Sale Or Rent

Staging is an important process if you want to set apart a house from all of the other properties on the market. The main thing to think about is saleability.

Now depending on the value of the property, it may be worth hiring a company that provides professional staging services. They will take care of the whole process of sourcing and installing furniture, setting out rooms, and even things like organizing made-to-measure curtains from high-end fabrics.

It may not be realistic for you to hire the services of a home staging company or an interior designer. That’s ok though because there are so many things you can do yourself though.

When staging a property, it’s important to remember that you can spend an indefinite amount of time and money on decorating, new floors, furniture, and all the rest. However, it’s best to focus on simplicity and good taste.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t Overdo It

Avoid overdoing things at all costs. While the developers will create elaborate floral displays and use sumptuous soft furnishings, most people are not looking for that in an old property. They want to see that the walls are in good condition and do not have patches of dampness or mold. They want to be able to look in cupboards and access rooms without navigating trip hazards. Things don’t need to be brand new and shiny, just tidy and clean.

Try To Be Objective When You’re Staging Your Own Home

In reality, most people are living in their homes when they are trying to sell them. If this applies to you then just keep in mind that potential buyers will have different tastes than yours. Try to make sure the staging of your home is neutral and minimalistic so that people can envision their own belongings in a space.

The other really big thing to think about is practicality. It’s all well and good setting your home out perfectly for viewings, but unfortunately, daily life can get in the way! If you have pets or children you know how quickly a clean and tidy room can deteriorate into chaos. Even if you don’t have children, juggling work and trying to sell a house can be tough to manage.

Potential buyers are sympathetic up to a point, but try not to make life too difficult for yourself. Don’t get too carried away and make sure to manage the little things on a daily basis and try to keep it as no-frills as possible. The less you have to worry about on the staging front the better. This is especially important because you are more than likely going to have multiple viewings, and they won’t all be on the same day.

So What Are The Biggest Home Staging Tips?

staging your house for sale

When staging your house for sale, remember to not go overboard. Keep it simple and make sure you can manage the staging process on a day-to-day basis.

House builders may have spotless show homes to help demonstrate what each property looks like when completed. The thing to remember is that nobody is living in those homes so it’s an easy job to keep them presentable. As long as your spaces are clean, tidy, and uncluttered, people should be able to see the potential.

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