Choosing a Reliable Realtor for Buying and Selling Real Estate Properties

by Real Estate Published on: 31 October 2017 Last Updated on: 27 September 2018

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Buying is an important decision when it comes to real estate, and at the same intensity, selling too is a crucial decision. It should not be something out of an emotional hype or impulsive, which may ultimately end up incurring a massive loss in terms of money and time. If you want to ensure this, the right first step is to choose a good realtor who is reliable and can act the best on your behalf. In this article, we will discuss a few tips one need to ponder to get hold of a good realtor.

It not always your friends who work the best

One major mistake people tend to make is to choose their friends as a realtor. However, this is not always a right approach, but many times this seemingly ended up spoiling the friendship too ultimately. So, be sure to be exceptionally careful and picky while choosing a realtor from without or outside your circle.

An ideal consultant should be one having your best interests in mind and act professionally on your behalf. Ensure that you get someone who can take the ownership of the end-to-end process and can stay accountable for their role in the transaction.

The boss is you

Always interview the realtors you consider before choosing one. A close interview will give you valuable information related to them, which makes the comparison and selection more straightforward. The best way to shortlist a reputable realtor is to get some genuine references. Professional realtors like Jamie Hooper can give you a list of their clients whom you can contact to get some honest feedback about the services.

By spending some time to run this critical ground-level check, you can be in a far better position to take a final decision in terms of choosing a reliable realtor.

Track record of the provider

Another valuable information to gather is the professional track record of the realtor. A realtor may be just telling you that he or she has sold more properties than anyone else in the last six months or so. However, if they have listed a thousand homes and sold only thirty, it may not be a significant achievement compared to someone who listed just 20 homes and sold 10. Get some statistics also to conduct an objective evaluation of the realtor you consider before a final decision.

Negotiation skills

It is one most important aspects you need to check and find out. You should understand that negotiating is the fundamental concept of any real estate transaction. Ensure that you have a negotiation expert by your side as your realtor to get the best deals in your favor. If they merely list you, but cannot efficiently negotiate, then you can never expect what you desire.

The evaluations as mentioned above are the must do initiatives from a real estate aspirant while choosing a realtor. As there are plenty of services out there who put forth many offers, sometimes even too good to be true, one needs to be very careful and knowledgeable about choosing a realtor.

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