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by Real Estate 03 October 2018

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When it comes to the real estate market, different buyers have different preferences. Everyone defines different comfort because they have unique needs and requirements. It would be easier for house buyers if they would construct the house, but considering that this type of project takes a long period of time, and it costs you more than when buying a house, the majority of them prefer to buy and bring upgrades to the property once they owe it. But, even if real estate buyers have unique preferences, there are some features everyone wants. It all starts with them if a house has the following features it can work with the rest.

The laundry room:

laundry roomYou may not believe it, but people nowadays need more than a washing machine, they need an entire room dedicated to washing and drying their clothes. Depending on the equipment used in the laundry room, designing one it may cost you from £2000 to £15000. People nowadays want to have a room where to keep their dirty clothes, because they do not want to put them in a basket in the bedroom, where they can smell the bad odours. Also, when the clothes are clean, you may not have time to iron them immediately, so you may want to stock them somewhere until you have time to arrange them and put them on hangers. When building a house, the majority of homeowners are asking the architect to include in the project a laundry room. It is one of the features that make the value of a house increase.

In case the house does not have a laundry room, buyers check if it has a basement, because this is the perfect room to be repurposed. The utility lines are already present there, so all they have to do is to bring inside the needed equipment and furniture.

Exterior lighting:

Exterior lighting

People want to buy a house that looks luxurious. Even if the house is not sold at a price similar to the ones from Hollywood, they want to purchase one that resembles the ones they see in magazines. In case the house is not already illuminated, it can cost the owners somewhere between $100 and $200 per fixture. The entire system is quite expensive, so there is no surprise that they prefer to buy a house that already features the exterior lighting system. A well-illuminated house paired with a cared lawn will grab people’s attention, and this is one of the things people are interested in. If they can show their opulence with the help of the house, then they are happy.

But exterior lighting is not a wanted feature only because it makes a house look great, it is also important when it comes to home security. There are systems that turn on automatically when there is someone close to the house.

Energy-efficient homes:

Even if some people are rich, they still want to save money, so if they want to make a real estate investment they will buy a house that is energy efficient. Everyone wants to reduce their utility bills and to enjoy the comfort of a well-insulated house. When visiting houses, prospective buyers inspect the state of the windows and doors, because they are essential factors in maintaining house energy efficiency. Everyone is impressed by an energy-efficient house because they know that they do not have to spend more money to improve their comfort.

If the house has energy-efficient windows then the costs for cooling and heating the house will be lower. Depending on the size of the house, the homeowners will receive utility bills around 15% lower than the ones who do not have quality windows. Buyers want to buy houses that have invisible glass coating, sturdier frames, vacuum-sealed spaces, and resistance to weather conditions.

Outdoor space:

It is quite expensive to transform an outdoor space into a patio, and this is why the majority of buyers prefer to buy a house that has an already designed outdoor space. Newcastle is a good area to invest in because the properties here feature outdoor spaces. It looks like the homeowners designed their houses planning to sell them one day. Outdoor living spaces are a must when buying a house because during the hot season people want to spend time outdoors. When they visit a house that has a patio, they envision themselves spending time there.

A patio can help a buyer decide upon a property, because if the outdoor of the house is well cared for and maintained then the indoors are definitely the same. Patios are a great feature of a house because they offer great comfort but they do not require the same expenses like a house addition. Some people want an outdoor kitchen, especially if the house is located in a warm climate.

Hardwood floors:

Harwood floors

The latest trend in house design is the hardwood floor. Depending on the type of materials used for creating the floor, the cost of installing it will vary from $1000 to $3000 per square foot. Buyers want to purchase a house that features hardwood floors because they are easier to clean than other materials and they are more durable. When they purchase a house, they do not want to make any other investments for a long period of time, because it is expensive enough to make a purchase. Therefore, if the floors are hardwood ones they will be more durable than many others available on the market, and they will not have to worry about replacing them for at least 10 years.

If they will refinish them regularly, they can keep the same floor for a lifetime.

A garage with storage space:

Every family has at least a car, so it is no surprise that home buyers check if the houses they visit have garages. If you do have one, you are going to want to make sure that it is in the best condition possible before potential buyers come around. Even if you have to get someone like this company who helps with Concrete Garage Floors Milwaukee out to get yours looking presentable again, it should pay off in the long run. A garage with storage space is an advantage because buyers will want to keep their houses clean. Storage space in the garage offers you the possibility to stock there all the items you do not need on a constant basis.

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