Cyprus Permanent Residency Benefits

by Real Estate Published on: 31 January 2023 Last Updated on: 01 February 2023

Every year, Cyprus becomes a haven for many foreign citizens. The promising region is chosen by people who seek freedom and increase their capital. Having studied the country’s features and the conditions for obtaining the necessary papers, migrants select this land to get another passport.

The Cyprus Permanent Residence program has many advantages that not everyone may know about.

  1. Short deadlines. You become the owner of the coveted permit in just a couple of months.
  2. In five years, you can become a citizen of the region.
  3. Low crime rate.
  4. Loyal tax climate.
  5. Access to a high level of education.
  6. The possibility of including relatives in the application.
  7. Online registration.
  8. There is no obligation to be permanently located in the state.
  9. Minimal crime rate.
  10. Business ownership.

It is necessary to figure out each point to understand how significant the advantages of Cyprus permanent residency are.

Foreigners who receive a residence permit in exchange for a deposit of 300,000 euros do not have to move to enjoy all Cyprus pr benefits. It is enough to visit the region twice a year. Moreover, entry to the territory is open to holders of the necessary papers even when the borders are closed.

And the permit does not need to be changed after some time, as it happens in other states. The only thing required is updating the documents’ photos every decade.

Entrepreneurs and people in business prefer this land for its tax freedoms and business optimization. The island does not levy any fees on foreign profits, only a tax of 12 and a half percent on income earned in the region.

Intangible Benefits

Cyprus permanent residence program benefits are not only about financial issues. Thanks to this scheme, the applicant can access quality medicine, a healthy society, and favorable climatic conditions. In addition, the local population boasts a high life expectancy, confirming the abovementioned advantages.

It is an excellent opportunity for foreigners with children to give their heirs a good education. According to Immigrant Invest expert Victoria Atanasova, the number of international students on the island is increasing annually.

Furthermore, the warm weather in the region also contributes to children’s health. Therefore, migration to the island is a contribution not only to financial well-being but also a concern for future generations.

The applicant may include a relatively large number of relatives to obtain a similar document. Husband or wife, minor children, and parents of both spouses may be eligible.

As for adult children, if they are not educated and unmarried, and their age is under 25 years, they too may qualify for a visa. If an adult son or daughter has a separate budget but wants to be included in the application, confirming an annual income of 30 thousand euros or more is necessary.

Freedom To Travel

Cyprus provides free visas to more than 150 countries for its residents. It is an excellent opportunity to see the world, as well as to move on. By obtaining an island passport, you will be able to travel, live and work legally and without hindrance in the territory of the European Union.

Even if some countries impose additional requirements, they are only a conditionality for the most part. On the other hand, the pros of the residence permit are enormous, so if you are considering migrating, a tropical island will be a great option


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