What Can You Make With A Cricut? 10 Ideas To Explore Using Cricut

by Girly 30 December 2023

What Can You Make With A Cricut? 10 Ideas To Explore Using Cricut

What can you make with a Cricut?

Do you have a cricut at home? This cutting machine is capable of as much as you can imagine.

For starters, you can make many things; for example, you can make stickers, signs, and wearables.

However, if you are looking for ideas, then this article should be helpful.

What Can You Make With A Cricut? Explore These Ideas

You can make all of these ideas come true using your creativity. Keep exploring…

1. Think Of Wearables

What can you make with a Cricut? Here is the first thing on the list– you can make wearables. You can make anything people would love to wear. Let’s pick some options. Onesies, shirts, hoodies, t-shirts, tops…I can go all day. Making t-shirts can be a great option.

You can also use your Cricut to come up with the stencil for screen printing a shirt using ink. All you have to do is come up with a method that suits you the best. Then, you can create different designs for your shirts and your T-shirts. Yes, there is a lot of profit coming your way. But the preliminary round of hard work is there. Many suggest using HTV to create your own shirts. If you already own a Cricut machine, start by creating your shirts and t-shirts. Then you can sell them on your clothing website.

2. What Can You Make With A Cricut? Make Signs

Are you asking what can you make with a Cricut? Well, did you think of making signs? Aside from making wearables, you can also make signs of different sizes and colors and make money from them. You can also use vinyl to seal or not seal it. Also, use the Cricut machine to cut your stencil from the stencil film. Next, you can paint on top of the stencil.

The best part is that different methods exist to create your own signs. However, when making your signs, stick to your own designs and style to stand out from other sellers who are also making signs using Cricut.

You can use Maker 3 or Explore 3 and make massive-sized signs using a Cricut. However, the large ones are great if you are selling locally. But, if you are thinking about online sales, let’s stick to smaller ones.

3. Make Vinyl Stickers & Signs

There is a digital alternative to everything nowadays. Most importantly, the perfected and machine-made products are more stereotyped. But a market for hand-crafted products still exists, and it pays very well. If you are wondering what you can make with Cricut, you mustn’t have thought of stickers.

If you are an artist, this is a good time to put your art skills and Cricut machine to good use. You can use printable vinyl and a Cricut machine to turn your art into stickers. Digital artists can draw digitally, print them out, and make stickers using Cricut. Then, you can sell these stickers online.

4. Drinkware

If you are wondering what to make with a Cricut machine, then here is an idea. Try making drinkware. You can make different types of drinkware using Cricut. You can make invisible ink with the Cricut mug press. Also, you can add vinyl to a tumbler. You can choose vinyl, HTV, and infusable inks. when creating this drinkware

Find whichever material and design suits best for you and create the product you can sell. Drinkwares are one of the best craft items you can sell at local fairs. Also, if you own a gift shop, it is a great product idea to create coffee mugs and coffee gifts for shoppers.

Nowadays, people love infusible ink on mugs. So, you can go with that as well. You will find a huge market for that online. However, when selling your drinkware online, try including your shipping costs and other associated costs to maximize your products’ profits.

5. Make Coasters

If you own a Cricut machine, you can make a coaster using it. Before, it was difficult to make coasters with colors and designs that last long. Nowadays, you have infusable inks to extend the life of the coasters. You have so many different options for selling coasters.

If you are making ceramic coasters, remember to add the shipping and protection costs to your selling price. This will help you keep all the pennies of profit.

6. Make Party Items

As long as you are getting creative, there are plenty of options to try with a Cricut. If you don’t want to make coasters, drinkware, or wearables, try making party items. Here’s a cool idea. You make these party items using a Cricut. Then, you can reach out to different wedding and party planning companies. If you market well, they will show interest in buying your products.

7. Cricut Hat Press

What can you make with a Cricut? No, you are not out of ideas. You just have not thought of making hats using Cricut yet. It became so easy to make hats after the Cricut hat press came out. People who want to make beautiful hats can use a Cricut to make hats of various designs.

There is no need to think of a large industrial hat press, crafting space, or machines for making hats. Your Cricut machine will handle most of the heavy lifting. If you plan to sell these items at local fairs, making customized hats is not a bad option. Using a hat press, you can make bucket hats, ball caps, and other hats.

8. Make Home Decor

As long as you can make an idea work, it is a good idea, and one of the good ideas you can rely on is creating home decor items using a Cricut. No, I am not asking you to think about ornamental items and showpieces. But you can definitely create tea towels, personalized blankets, and pillows. You can partner with home decor service providers to sell products in bulk. If your product is top-notch, there is no way your customers won’t want to buy them.

9. Make Gift Baskets

You can use a Cricut machine and create different types of gift baskets. It would be best if you created a variety of items using the Cricut machine. Make those items match a theme. Eventually, you must put these together and sell all the items as gift baskets.

There are more ways of diversifying this idea. You can throw in a card and ship the items to the person your buyer wants to gift those.

10. Custom Letter Boards

If you are wondering what to make with a Cricut, then make custom letter boards.

Bottom Line

What can you make using a Cricut? You shouldn’t be out of ideas once you have gone through this article. Actually, you can make 100 different items using Cricut. But these are some of the handpicked ideas that sell. You can make money by selling these items in the local market or online.

So, which idea did you like the most? Let us know through the comment section below. Thank you for reading.

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