The No Bullshit Guide to Swimwear for Every Body Type

by Girly 26 June 2021


When people talk about body types, they use terms like “hourglass”, “pear shape”, and “rectangle”. These terms should really just be a general guideline for the body’s frame, not so much the shape. After all, everybody is shaped just a little bit differently.

How your body is shaped really impacts the clothes that you wear. If you have wider hips, you may have a hard time wearing certain jeans that are made to be “low rise”. Or, if you have a larger bust, you may not be able to wear certain swimsuit tops.

The No Bullshit Guide to Swimwear for Every Body

To find the best swimsuit for your body, put your attention on what is comfortable and how you feel. Think about things in real language that you use when you shop for women’s swimwear. Does it pull uncomfortably in the waist? Does it make your chest look flat? Does it ride up your backside? These are the things women think about when shopping for swimwear.

Read on for tips about buying swimwear that take the nonsense out of the process.

If you have a smaller chest,

Small Chest:

Small Chest:

choose a swimsuit that has embellishments or ruffles on the top. This gives the illusion of a larger chest and rounds out your curves. Many swimsuits have padding and underwire also, which can help accentuate your bust line.

Large Chest:

If you have a fuller bust, you know that string bikinis are not the best option for a day at the beach with friends. Choose a swimsuit that comes in actual cup sizes so you have the support your girls really need. Look for styles that have thicker straps and are double-stitched so you have the support and confidence you need.

Flat Booty:

If you are a bit flatter in the booty, you will want to choose a suit that draws attention in other ways. Ruffles or ruching can add volume to your backside, and bright colors can accentuate the area. Also, if you show just a peek of the cheek, you accentuate the curves you do have.

Big Booty:

Big Booty:

If you have a bigger booty, you want to choose a swimsuit that is comfortable and has adequate coverage. There’s nothing worse than tugging on a wedgie all day while trying to have fun at the pool. Look for swimsuits that have full bottoms in bold colors or prints. This helps balance out your booty and accentuate it in the best way.

Broad Shoulders:

Broad Shoulders:

It can be a challenge to balance out broad shoulders. Choose a swimsuit that is a solid color but that has prints along the side. This helps balance your shape and gives the appearance of a more hourglass shape. An asymmetrical neckline also draws attention away from the shoulders.

Love Handles:

Many of us have love handles or those wonderful little bulges that cause “muffin top”. The key to a great and comfortable swimsuit is to choose high-waisted bottoms. This helps fight any bulge you may have and define your waistline.

Back Fat:

Have you ever put on a swimsuit, bra, or strapless top and found little bulges on your back just below your shoulder blades? This can make anyone dread wearing a swimsuit in public. Fortunately, you can smooth down these areas with thicker straps and a higher back on your swimsuit.


Most of us have some cellulite on our bodies. It doesn’t discriminate. Trying to cover cellulite isn’t always the best option. The key is accentuating your features and making sure that cellulite is the last thing people think about when they see you. To do this, grab a sexy tankini or a swim dress with a longer hemline. These styles give you plenty of sass without the worry.

The key to finding a great swimsuit is not putting so much attention to your “body type” but recognizing the areas you want to accentuate and those you’d rather have a bit more coverage. Ultimately, the right swimsuit is one that you look and feel great in.

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