Lululemon Belt Bags: Is The Viral TikTok Bag Worth The Hype?

by Girly 21 June 2023

Lululemon Belt Bag

For a guy who constantly keeps forgetting things, especially essentials like room keys, wallet, phone charger, and headphones, the Lululemon belt bag was a blessing.

I am generally not someone who would go around following random trends. But I wanted to see for myself if this Lululemon belt bag is worth the hype or not.

For an honest first-hand review, I can say that these bags are pretty handy. You can use it as a versatile bag for carrying your wallet, phones, car keys, and more. I was going on a short four days trip out of town, and this bag was with me all the while. So, here is a review I thought of making.

About The Lululemon Belt Bag

About The Lululemon Belt Bag

Here is a little something you need to know about the Lululemon belt bag. The bag became a trend on TikTok and became a very popular thing on TikTok. Similar to all the viral things, the belt bags by Lululemon were out of stock for a while. But now that they are back in stock, you can go and purchase them from Lululemon Stock.

The bag is really convenient, and you can take for hiking, traveling, or use it during any festival. You can wear that to the gym or take your dog for a walk while wearing one of these If you don’t want to give the pickpocketers any chance of stealing from you, then the Lululemon belt bag is what you need.

It straps around your chest and shoulder and never slips off. The bag is also water repellent, and it adjusts to fit around your waist. But if you want to make it look cool, then try wearing it as a crossbody.

Is The Lululemon Belt Bag Easy To Carry?

Is The Lululemon Belt Bag Easy To Carry?

The only way to answer that is by actually checking how big or how heavy this bag feels when used. No, this is not like your average heavy wallet. This is even better. The bag is bigger than a wallet, but it is lighter than a wallet as well. What’s even more fun – you can match these bags with almost all the different types you wear on the go.

The bag measures 7.5- by 2- by 5-inch. It has around a 1-liter volume, and you can fit your house keys, sunglasses, cell phones, and small lipstick. One more fun thing about this product is that it has a 41.7-inch long strap with room for customization. You can wear it like a crossbody bag or wear it around your waist – whatever fits you.

What Is The Lululemon Belt Bag Made Of?

What Is The Lululemon Belt Bag Made Of?

The bag is made of water-repellant nylon fabrics that help you on rainy days and sunny days alike. The face of the bag is made of 100% recycled Polyester, while the body is made of recycled nylon, and the mesh is made of 100% polyester. Whether you are going to the supermarket on a rainy day or an on a sweaty trek, you can take these bags with you.

Yes, there is a strap. But, unlike other bags that leave one of the straps hanging, making you look weird, this one relies on a thin piece of elastic. You can even out the loop of the strap and streamline the appearance of wearing the bag.

Also, if you are planning to run around outside, then you can wear it like a fanny pack. You can also wear it across your body and carry some essentials that you need to access from time to time.

The primary pocket has a mesh pocket on both sides of the bag. You can put the phone charger, lip balm, or your wallet here. If you are traveling, then you can ensure that your passport and other IDs remain safe inside the additional slim pockets. This usually stays in the back of the pouch.

Lululemon Belt Bag Colors: What Colors Do Lululemon Mini Belt Bag Come In?

Lululemon Belt Bag Colors

This is the part where the Lululemon bags’ useful features meet style. There are lots of color options you can pick from to match your personal style. You can get the Lululemon belt bag prism wash color, lip gloss color; twilight rose, silver drop, opal, gray, trench, sage, and black. While the bags are indeed useful, I will recommend staying away from the white Lululemon belt bags. You don’t want the trouble of having to wash them every now and then, do you?

How Did Lululemon Belt Bag Go Viral?

How Did Lululemon Belt Bag Go Viral_

One of the TikTok users posted a video wearing these bags last year. The bag started garnering attention from users of different social media platforms after that. By putting up this simple video, the TikTok users racked up 40k likes quickly within an hour.

Girls can use this bag as a cute accessory and storage for their on-the-go mirrors, lipsticks, pocket makeup, and smartphones. Boys can literally strap the bag around their waist like Batman’s utility belt and carry things around.

How Much Do Lululemon Bags Cost?

Well, you can buy one of these for the cost of $38 for the 1-liter version of the bag. However, if you want a bigger size, then maybe go for the 2-liter size of the Lululemon bags. Those will cost you around $48 for each of the bags.

How To Clean Lululemon Everyday Belt Bags?

How To Clean Lululemon Everyday Belt Bags?

The official Lululemon website strictly prohibits the use of bleach, washing, ironing, or dry cleaning of the bag. The bags should not get dirty if you are going for a darker color like Black. But if you are opting for a pink or white Lululemon bag, then it will get dirty soon.

You can clean them using two methods I have explained below –

  1. First, you can spot-clean the bag using a tender detergent that is also capable of cleaning any spot. You can use a scrubbing cloth to clean the bag.
  2. You can place the bag inside a laundry bag to clean it. Ensure that your Lululemon bag fits inside the laundry bag. You will surely find some mesh laundry bags and detergents without harsh chemicals to clean the spots on your Lululemon bag.

Final Words

Suppose you feel that the strap length of 41. inches is going to be a little less for you, then try them on at a nearby Lululemon store. It is better to try them on before spending your money on them.

However, if your purpose in buying these bags is to carry things like sunglasses, a smartphone, a passport, etc., then this is a perfect bag for you.

Did you find the information you were looking for on Lululemon bags? Please let us know what you think of these bags in the comment.

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