Ways Of Making Your Lip Filler Results Last Longer

by Health Care Services 05 January 2021

Lip Filler

Filler treatments are a great way of reversing lip problems caused by the natural aging process or other factors. Lip fillers can give you a safe and effective way of adding volume, structure, and shape to your mouth. Some of the benefits you’ll get from a lip filler treatment include boosted self-confidence, a more youthful appearance, and immediate results.

Depending on the treatment you use, the results may last from 6 months to 2 years. However, there are things that you can do to lengthen the results. Read on to know some of them:

Follow Your Doctor’s Aftercare Advice

You need a little downtime after receiving a lip filler treatment and may be tempted to go on with your regular duties after leaving the clinic. However, it would be advisable to follow your surgeon’s aftercare advice to the letter. That’s because instructions such as avoiding alcohol and exercise for about 24 hours after the treatment will minimize your chances of swelling or bruising. Besides that, you want to take care of your lips from the beginning to enable them to look beautiful for longer.

Don’t Overexpose Yourself To The Sun’s Rays

Sun’s Rays

It’s always a great idea to wear SPF every day and reduce the time you take in the sun between 11 am and 3 pm. However, after a lip injection, you need to be more careful. That’s because exposing yourself to UV rays may breakdown your filler faster, making your body absorb it sooner than expected. If you have to go for a holiday immediately after undergoing a filler treatment, ensure you wear a high SPF and a wide-brimmed heart covering your lips and face. If possible, spend more time under the shed.

Lower Your Stress Levels

Stress Levels

Stress not only significantly impacts your health, but it may also affect your lip fillers. The extra hormones that your body secretes when you’re stressed can breakdown your lip fillers quickly and make you go back to your surgeon often. It’s quite difficult to avoid stress. However, it’s essential to lower your stress levels after undergoing treatment to achieve optimum results. You can do this by controlling the places you visit, what you watch, and the people you interact with. If you can’t maintain it for long, try to do this for the first three months after the procedure.

Stick To Your Appointments

If you want to prevent your lip’s structure from fluctuating, you should attend your filler maintenance appointment. If you don’t go for any check-up within 12 months of the procedure, be sure that your lips will go back to their original size and shape. That will require you to start the procedure again and waste more money and time.

Discuss with your surgeon the number of appointments you need to have within the year. The more appointments you set, the less amount of filler you’ll require, and the less amount of money you’ll pay.

Final Thought

After spending more than $800 per year on lip filler treatments, it would be stressful to see it fade after a short period. That’s why you need to follow these tips to keep the results longer.

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