How to Boost Your Immune System Through Yoga

by Health Care Services 03 February 2021

Boost Your Immune System Through Yoga

Stress is a leading cause of illness. When we are chronically stressed, our bodies – muscles, tendons, joints, and organs – suffer. When our bodies are compromised, our immune systems deteriorate. This leads to illness and a general sense of not feeling well.

The good news is that there are ways to boost the immune system. Moving and stretching the body is one great way, and yoga is the perfect combination of stretching and moving. Moving the body can help release stagnant energy and remove harmful toxins. It also increases blood flow and oxygen, which promotes a healthy immune system and circulation.

How to Boost Your Immune System Through Yoga

Because yoga involves a lot of stretching and gentle movements, it is a great way to help boost the immune system. Research suggests that practicing yoga may help counteract the damaging processes that stress does to our bodies. This is only effective if you’re doing it right. You can join yoga teacher training if you’re a beginner and unsure of what to do. There are a few poses in particular that can help relieve stress and promote healthy stretching and circulation. You can complete the poses through yoga classes in Portland, or you can try them at home.

Sphinx Pose

The Sphinx post is very therapeutic and has benefits for the nervous system and calming anxiety. It is an easy pose, and most people find they can do it with little physical effort. Many people prefer to do this pose in the morning because it energizes the body and massages the lower abdomen.

To get into Sphinx pose, lay flat on your stomach and lift your shoulders. Extend your arms forward with your elbows bent. Relax your glutes and lift your neck. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Resolved Chair Pose

Resolved Chair Pose

The resolved chair pose is one of many twisted poses that help you “ring out” your body. That means, essentially, your movements are helping internally detoxify your body. To get into the resolved chair pose, position your lower body as if you are sitting in a chair. Root your feet to the floor for support. Next, bring your arms into a prayer position, then lower your elbows to your thighs. This deepens the twist.

Standing Backbend

Standing Backbend

Backbends are one of the best poses to detoxify the body and revive the adrenal glands. This post also opens up the respiratory system and helps promote lung and sinus health. To get into a standing backbend, stand in mountain pose. Use your core to lift your upper body upright. Place your hands on your lower back, just above the glutes. Breathe in deeply, allowing the body to lift and extend backward. Hold the position for a few breaths, then return to standing. Be careful because moving back into the upright position can cause light-headedness.

Triangle Pose

triangle pose

The triangle pose is commonly used to strengthen the core and legs. But it also helps open up the hips and release shoulder tension. As a therapeutic pose, the triangle pose stretches the fascia around your lungs. This helps promote lung health. It also helps relieve tension in the hips, which is where many people hold their stress.

To get into a triangle pose, bend your front knee. Exhale as you move your leading hand forward toward the front of your mat. Gently roll open your ribs until you feel a lengthening in your torso.

Happy Baby Pose

Happy Baby Pose

The happy baby pose is a favorite for many yoga practitioners. This pose is a light-hearted way of relaxing the body and releasing tension. It is a pose that stimulates healthy digestion and kidney function, rings out toxins, and helps quiet the mind.

To get into the happy baby pose, lay on your back on your mat. Push your legs in the air as if you are stepping on the ceiling. Next, grab the inside of your feet and allow your body to rock side-to-side. Let your body and mind relax in this pose as you take deep breaths.

If you want a natural way to boost your immune system and promote overall health and fitness, yoga is a great place to start. Whether you work with an instructor, take yoga classes, or practice at home, there are many benefits to yoga.

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