Things You Should Know Before a Breast Reduction Surgery

by Health Care Services 05 January 2021

Breast Reduction Surgery

A woman’s breasts begin to develop during puberty, a phase that is characterized by a spurt in one’s growth. One of the physical changes that take place is the enlargement of the breasts.

However, at times, the breasts can be too enlarged that they appear disproportionate to the rest of the body. Women who have very large breasts may have low self-esteem, cannot exercise effectively because the size of their breasts weighs them down, quite literally.

Such women may also have neck, back, and chest pain. Rushes may also appear around the neck. And because of the heavyweight on their chest, the breast always seems to sag, no matter the bra they use. The bra may also give them painful grooves around the strap lengths.

There are several board qualified plastic surgeons who can handle a successful breast reduction surgery. Here are few crucial things plastic surgeons in Los Angeles insist you should know before you procure the surgery.

You’ll feel much lighter

feel much lighter

Surgeons report that this is the most satisfying plastic procedure in their practice. It significantly improves an individual’s self-esteem and wellbeing. Most women find joy in their ‘new’ bodies, quite literally.

You may not find your ideal cup-size

ideal cup-size

Your preferred breast size after the surgery is significantly determined by your current breast size and composition.

Prior to the procedure, the surgeon will take you through your desired cup size and work with it in mind. However, most women do not get the exact result though it comes short or more than one cup size.

You’ll get a breast lift

In breast reduction, the surgeon removes excess fat, skin, and tissue to make them smaller. Then, he uses the same materials to lift the breast’s nipples up, giving you an erect, rather, than a sagging appearance.

You’ll have scars

There will certainly be an incision wound around the breast area. These scars may be painful that subsides with time. However, they heal and diminish in a period of one year.

There’s a possibility of reduced sensation

reduced sensation

Your beasts may feel numb for a while before you completely heal. However, do not be alarmed because the sensation will resume in a month or two.

Insurance may grace your surgery

Unlike breast enlargement that is regarded as a cosmetic procedure, insurance providers can cover breast reduction, if they deem it as a precursor to other health complications. Your doctor can negotiate your case to convince them that your enlarged breast size is a risk to your health.

You may have challenges lactating

Soon after the procedure, a woman may find the breasts sore. The breast may be covered in gauzes for a while too.

Other options may delay the surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a life-altering procedure. Your surgeon may advise you to engage in physical activities or adopt a more healthy diet to trigger weight loss. These are very effective options when done consistently. At the end of the regimen, one may realize their enlarged breasts are shrinking and only need to maintain their size with diet and exercise.

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