Ways to Improve Your Small Business Website

by How to Guides 27 October 2021

Small Business Website

As a small business owner, you want to find ways that you can bring in customers and really impress them, but you do not have the large budget that some of your competition will have. This can make it hard to figure out how to take your website to the next level. Consider looking for a web design agency that will work with your budget or doing some of the work yourself.

Building up your website as a small business owner is just the first step. If you would like to make sure that your storefront has staying power, you will need to continue working on it and make sure that it gets the attention and care that it needs. Some of the best steps that you can take to make sure your small business website is great includes:

Make the Navigation Simple 

Make the Navigation Simple                 

One of the first things that you need to do when making a small business website is to simplify the navigation. When any of your customers, whether they are prospective or current, land on the website, you want to ensure that they are able to find the exact information that they want as easily as possible.

When a customer has to search around too long or they struggle to find the right area of the website, they could end up frustrated and will leave the page, choosing to work with your competition instead. This means that you need to pick out the navigation that is as clear and concise as possible.

While there is some variance based on your business and what you try to sell, you will typically have five to seven category pages for the website. This can include Shop, About Us, Contact, and a Blog page to post content. This will help the customer figure out what is on the page and what they will see when clicking there.

Pick the Right Headings

The right headings on your page will make a big difference. Since the attention span of a customer is going to be short, you need to pick out headings that are full of keywords and will tell the customer what they need to know.

A headline that is full of keywords will not only help to improve readability because it will break up the content. It will also help to make the website and the content easier for the user to scan. This will do wonders when it is time for them to find the information they want.

Consider the Call to Action

Consider the Call to Action

For small businesses, a good call to action is going to be an important part of the website. As you can guess with the name, this call to action is meant to tell the visitor what you would like them to do. Do you want them to make a purchase, contact you, or visit your social media page? The call of action will tell them exactly what you would like them to do to avoid confusion.

There are a lot of different calls to action that you can choose, but you should choose wisely. Your goal is to get the visitor to do an action so you can get a good conversion rate as well. Take a look at your website and then see if there are any opportunities present that can use a targeted call to action. Pick one that is going to fit with your marketing and sales goals.

Update the Meta Descriptions

The visibility that you want to get in search results is going to be great, but it does not do a whole lot of good if someone is not willing to click through the site. The meta description is going to be any of the content that will be on the result page of a search engine right below the title of the page.

This meta description is going to be around 160 characters. It also needs to be unique to each of the pages on your website. Make it compelling and then include keywords that will make the target audience want to click on the page.

Before you make the meta description, take some time to Google some of the keywords that are relevant to your business. Look at the competition to see what they write for their meta descriptions to make sure that you are writing something that is sure to work for your website and your customers.

Look for Any Broken Links

On occasion, a small business owner needs to go through the website and look for any of the broken links that may be there, and then fix them. Take a few minutes to just click all around the website and see that everything works.

Check the contact forms, social media, and everything else on the website. This will ensure that all of the links are working the way that you intended without having to worry about a customer trying to click on something and it not working.

Consider the Plugins

If you choose a website builder like WordPress and you decide to add in some unique plug-ins, you will notice that you will be getting prompts to update this all of the time. Although there are many updates that are not that crucial, they are going to really impact how secure the website is and how well it will function.

Although most of these updates are harmless, you should always check that there is a website backup available. If there is ever a glitch or a security issue, you will be able to rely on the backup of your website to ensure that you can get back to work and not have a delay while rebuilding the website from scratch.

Improving Your Small Business Website

Improving Your Small Business Website

Small businesses often assume that they can’t do more when it comes to their website. They need to take the time to work on the website and ensure that it is going to impress the customers and really make a big difference. Follow some of the steps above and see how great you can make your small business website in no time.

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