Top Tips When Preparing To  Remove And Replace Solar Panels

by Business 13 September 2021

Solar Panels

As solar power is enormously beneficial for almost every sector, solar panels are increasingly popular because of their electrical energy-saving mechanisms. In fact, there are more than 2.6 million household solar systems in Australia alone. They are not just a way to save money. They also offer an array of environmental benefits, something that is becoming increasingly important as the world becomes more aware of the damage being caused to the environment. 

In keeping with this, people are no longer simply replacing their solar panels. There are now specialists in solar panel repairs. If you are thinking about replacing your solar panels, it’s good to talk to the panel specialist first.

5 Tips Should Know Before Replace Or Remove Solar Panels

5 Tips Should Know Before Replace Or Remove Solar Panels

 Solar panels are the most convenient way to decrease electrical power utilizations. But the panels can likely be repaired, which is cheaper and better for the environment. 

Whether you are removing to repair the panels or removing to replace them, there are several things you should do first:

1. Contact Your Installer

Contact Your Installer

If you have solar panels, then you will probably have had them installed by a business. It’s time to contact them before you do anything else. They will be able to advise you regarding the fitting system used and how the panels are interconnected.

This will help you understand the easiest way to remove the panels without damaging them. It will also ensure that if you are only removing some of the panel boards, the rest are still correctly connected to give you power. 

If your installer is no longer in business, then the company replacing your panels or the solar panel repair specialist will take a look at the system and let you know the correct removal procedure. They may even offer a service to do it for you. 

2. Consider Your Power

If you have panels and are also connected to the central grid, you will be using more power from the grid while the panels are replaced. However, suppose you are reliant on your solar panels. In that case, you’ll need to consider your electrical needs and whether you can survive without the panels for the period between removing them and replacing them.

Don’t forget. Things can take longer than anticipated. You need a backup supply.

3. Panels Are Heavy!

 Solar panels are surprisingly heavy. You will also be high up when removing them. That’s why the specialists have specialized equipment, allowing them roof access and easy removal.

If you intend to do this part yourself, you’ll need to work out a system for unbolting and lowering them safely to the ground. But, again, it is better to measure the panel’s weight first and, if required, contact the mechanical crane for shifting the panels.

4. Recycling 

If the solar panels are to be replaced, you don’t want the old ones to go to landfills simply. Instead, you’ll need to consider the best option. This could be re-selling them to someone trying to get into the feasible solar energy market.

 Or, it may mean letting the solar panel repair specialist have them. They can repair them and save them from landfills. Most solar panels can be restored and recycled only; if you follow the correct procedures.

5. Storage


If your panels are being removed to allow work to be done to the roof, then you simply need to store them. That means finding a safe spot and locking them up until they are ready to go back on the rooftop. 

Solar angels install, and the restoration is essential, and you will need more time for the storage. If you do not maintain the exact process of storage, this panel’s parts reorganizing can be pretty tough work.

So it is better to ask the engineer about the exact storage and the installation process than start your project.

Sum It Up:

 Solar panels are a significant relief for the users. As you do not have to spend thousands on your electricity bill and use the natural source, you can eliminate the cost of electricity usage. But the maintenance of the solar panels is a very significant factor. As these panels are made with heavy metals, rusting is possible. Hence the proper cleaning is required for the long run. So follow these five tips and maintain or replace the panels when you need them.

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