What to Include on Your Real Estate Postcards as a Beginner in the Industry

by Real Estate 27 August 2021

Real Estate Postcards

As a beginner in the real estate industry, you must find a way of making a good start in the business, and what better way to do so than leveraging postcards.

Real estate postcard marketing is a proven strategy that can help you generate new leads, whether you’re promoting a property or planning an open house. As much as real estate postcard marketing isn’t a new concept, it still has a place in every realtor’s arsenal.

But the process is not so straightforward.

For your real estate postcards to be effective, they need the right elements to grab the attention of your target audience. You can reach out to Wise Pelican, one of the most professionals in real estate postcards to help you with your project. Here’s a list of elements you need to include in your real estate postcard design to find new clients and foster harmonious business relationships with them.

1. Great Design So Your Real Estate Postcards Can Stand Out

1. Great Design So Your Real Estate Postcards Can Stand Out

Your postcard needs to pop so that it grabs the attention of potential homebuyers.

An eye-catching design needs to have a great layout. Look at how you’ve styled your headings, subheadings, and copy.

Don’t forget to factor in the color scheme of the postcard. Keep in mind that you want to make sure your clients’ attention is drawn to the right places.

If possible, try and work with postcards of larger sizes. A postcard that’s larger than usual will stand out more, plus it will provide you with more surface area to include more content.

2. Pictures of the Property

2. Pictures of the Property

As a beginner looking to start making sales almost immediately, you must make sure you offer an experience rather than a property. As such, hire a professional property photographer to take good pictures of what you’re selling.

The professional photographer should know what angles will help you sell. A simple picture of the house might work, but a picture of the same house with the front lawn and porch included is better.

The goal is to help your audience visualize what is on offer.

3. A Call to Action

A call to action (CTA is perhaps the single most significant element of a great real estate postcard. After all, the point of sending the postcards is so that your audience can do something.

No matter how great your postcard design is, your postcard will lack purpose without a clear CTA. A great CTA should prompt your audience to give you a call, visit your website, download your mobile app, or subscribe to your newsletter.

The Bottom Line

Finding new clients as a real estate agent new to the business can feel very overwhelming. Keeping that in mind we have discussed few sales tips for real estate agents. TV and newspaper ads aren’t as effective in terms of audience targeting. As mainstream as online marketing has recently become, it can’t always be relied upon for attracting new clients.

Mass mailing a well-designed real estate postcard to potential homebuyers will produce both instant and long-term results. Additionally, it’s simple, direct, and cost-effective.

If you’re ready to design your first real estate postcard, consider the elements highlighted above to create an effective marketing tool to grow your portfolio.

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