Different Marketing Strategies in Different Industries

by Marketing 13 April 2018

Marketing Strategies

As an experienced business owner understands, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to advertising your brand and products/services. What works for one business might not work for another, and this is particularly true when you are operating in different industries. It is because there will be different target audiences, needs and ways of communicating. However, the marketing department in any industry can use Widen digital asset management solutions to house all of their digital marketing materials. Though no matter what industry you are in you must be clever with your approach to marketing and consider the most effective and efficient way of promoting your brand and standing out from the competition. As an example, here is a look at a few ways in which different niches can use their unique position to reach their target audience.

Fitness Industry :

Fitness Industry

The fitness industry is an interesting one because it is always in demand and regularly sees huge booms in popularity. A company in the fitness sector can appeal to their target audience by motivating individuals by showing the potential results of using their products/services, especially athlete endorsements are huge, and by creating content which helps individuals to achieve their fitness goals. It means that digital advertising is key as this is a powerful communication tool that allows you to directly communicate with your audience and help them to improve their fitness. HIVE Digital Strategy’s fitness marketing strategy highlights this and reiterates the value of speaking directly to the target audience and staying consistent with marketing campaigns.

Food Industry :

Food Industry

Similarly, the food industry is always in demand as it is such a huge part of the day-to-day life. The most obvious way to appeal to a consumer is to show tantalizing shots of dishes that make the viewer hungry and want to either make the dish or go out and buy it, so photographs and video are important. The internet has also been a powerful tool for companies in any area of the food market as it can be used to build a community where people can talk about food, share recipes and watch videos of people creating the advertised dish.

Real Estate :

Real Estate

In real estate, it is important that properties on the market are exposed to as many people as possible. This makes social media a powerful tool for real estate companies and much more effective than “for sale” signs outside the front of the property. Additionally, content marketing is valuable in the real estate agency as property seekers carry out an enormous amount of research before making a decision. Agents can take the time to create insightful content to educate their audience and use carefully constructed content on properties to improve the likelihood of a sale being made.

Domestic Home Services :

Home Services

A local handyman or a similar home service company needs to be highly visible online if they are to succeed. When people require a home service, the first thing that they will do will be to enter a search term on Google for local service and then use one of the top listed results. It means that you need to appear as close to the top as possible in this industry, which can be achieved through the internet marketing discipline of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO improves ranking by optimizing web content created using researched keywords and key phrases. Traditional word-of-mouth marketing remains crucial in local services too.

Software :

Software companies can struggle mightily to advertise their products as it is a challenge to show why the consumer needs your particular software. The most efficient way to do this is through video advertising. This allows the company to show the software in action so that the benefits and various features can be introduced. These usually come in the form of explainer videos, which are short films that explain the value of a brand, product or service. Explainer videos are perfect for software brands and any company with a product/service which can be challenging to explain through text and image.

Travel :

The travel industry is heavily based on visuals to allure the potential customer to show them what they could be experiencing if they chose a particular travel company. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is certainly true in the travel niche where a beautiful shot of a tranquil beach will be much more effective than a 200-word description. Video marketing is another powerful tool in this market as it can bring an area to life and help to give an overview of a particular destination.

Personal Services :

Personal services, such as hairdressers, spas, acupuncturists, etc., look to build a solid base of loyal customers. Retention is key in this industry, so loyalty programs can be a great way to encourage customers to make a return visit. An example includes a discount on your fifth appointment or a free appointment for referring a friend. Social media engagement and customer service are also important in this industry as people are more likely to return if you develop a personal bond and show that you value their business. People tend to like going to the same place (provided the service was good), so if you can make a good impression in this industry, then you could retain customers easily.

Retail :


The hyper-competitive retail industry can be one which is hard to stand out from the crowd in, so internet marketing strategies like SEO and pay per click advertising (PPC) are vital. In addition to this, mobile-friendly e-commerce websites are crucial so that a consumer can shop from the comfort of their own home (the preferred method in this industry). Discounts are also a great way to reel in customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Marketing strategies vary greatly in different industries, and to succeed in any sector, a business must consider their target audience and what their needs are. They should also recognize the potential challenges that certain types of advertising can bring and look for a unique benefit or selling point that will differentiate them from their rivals. Marketing is vital and particularly in today’s internet-driven marketplace, but no two industries are the same, and it is important to develop a strategy well-suited to your niche.

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