Trudeau Criticizes Facebook For Blocking News On Wildfires Raging In Canada

by Business 22 August 2023

Trudeau Criticizes Facebook For Blocking News

Meta, which is based in Canada, initiated the process to end news availability in Canada this month over a law that requires digital platforms to pay local publishers.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau charged Facebook with prioritizing profits over the safety of the people on Monday, based on the emergency that was created by the wildfire season record in Canada.

Meta, the Facebook, and Instagram parent company, previously this summer had announced that it would stick to its oath to block any news facts from Canada based on its platforms due to a new law that needs the tech giants to pay the publishers for repurposing or even linking their content online.

The raging fires in Canada have pushed away thousands of people away from their homes while threatening cities like Yellowknife, which is also the capital of the Northwest Territories.

Approximately 30,000 individuals were included under evacuating orders in British Columbia.

At present, in an emergency situation where prominent local information plays such a crucial part, Facebook has decided to put its corporate benefits over the safety of the people, said the Canadian Prime Minister at a press conference in Cornwall.

“It is so inconceivable that a company like Facebook is choosing to put corporate profits ahead of ensuring that local news organizations can get up to date information to Canadians,” the Prime Minister further added. On Friday, the Canadian government ministers called Meta to lift the news ban in Canada, which is applicable not just to the local outlets but also to the national media like the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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