What is an employer of record? And why more businesses are investing in them

by Business 21 April 2023

employer of record

As a global business owner, you might feel overwhelmed with the work you must do to keep your business operational. From hiring employees in different countries to managing an extensive payroll, it can sometimes be too much to handle.

This is where an employer of record (EOR) comes in handy. This post will dive into EOR and why more businesses invest in one. Read on to learn about its many advantages.

What is an employer of record (EOR)?

If you are a business owner looking to take some of the administrative burdens off your plate, an employer of record may be just what you need. Their job is to step in and take on the legal role of employer for your employees, handling all the nitty-gritty HR tasks like payroll, taxes, and benefits.

This frees you up to focus on growing your business and doing what you do best. With an EOR on your team, you can have peace of mind knowing your employees are taken care of, while you can focus on driving the success of your business.

What does an Employer of Record do?

One of the important elements of EOR services is payroll processing, which includes managing payrolls, taxes, and deductions and ensuring compliance with state and federal laws. In addition to payroll processing, EORs support several other HR functions, such as onboarding new employees and offboarding departing employees.

They also have expertise in employee benefits management, tax compliance, and worker’s compensation insurance. These services can save you time and resources, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Benefits Of Using An EOR To Outsource HR And Payroll Tasks

Outsourcing HR and payroll tasks to employer of record services has several benefits. For one, it saves you time and money. You don’t have to invest in setting up an HR department or hiring HR professionals, which can be expensive. EORs also help you comply with local, state, and federal laws. They minimize the risk of legal penalties and fines resulting from non-compliance.

Advantages Of Using An EOR For Global Expansion

In addition to local operations, EOR services also support global expansion. By partnering with an EOR, you can expand into new markets quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, EORs can manage the legal requirements and regulations of the countries you’re expanding into, including work visas, employment contracts, and payroll processing. This accelerates your onboarding process, mitigates compliance risks, simplifies global HR tasks, and solves your talent shortage.

How To Find The Right EOR For Your Business 

Choosing the right EOR can be challenging. We recommend partnering with companies like Global Expansion, which provides EOR services tailored to meet the specific needs of various kinds of businesses. They have a team of experts with extensive experience in HR and compliance regulations worldwide.

More FAQs Businesses Have About EOR Operations

You may have several questions about EOR services and how they operate. Some common questions include:

  • What are the costs associated with EOR services?
  • How long does it take to onboard employees through an EOR?
  • What types of benefits packages do EORs offer?

These answers can vary widely depending on your unique business entity, but a professional and established EOR provider will be able to answer all of the questions you may have. 

The Future Of EORs In The Hiring Landscape

In an increasingly globalized world, EOR services will only become more popular. Companies are looking for a hassle-free way to hire employees and remain compliant in different world regions. EORs allow businesses to manage payroll and HR tasks when expanding globally.

Invest In Employer Of Record For Your Business

Employer of record is an investment in your business that can pay off in terms of compliance and operational efficiency. With EOR services, you can focus on running your business while the EOR handles your HR and payroll tasks. If you’re considering hiring an employer of record, make sure you find a service provider that offers tailored services to meet the specific needs of your business.

With a reputable EOR provider, you can focus on growing your business and expanding into new global markets, knowing you have a reliable HR and payroll partner to support you. We hope you found this information to be helpful and thanks so much for reading.


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