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by Finance Published on: 31 March 2022 Last Updated on: 05 May 2022

Trading Game

If you want to buy cryptocurrency, you can simply create your account on a crypto exchange. To hold your cryptocurrency you need a wallet and that is basically a crypto wallet. You need to get that wallet or your exchange may provide you with one. You need to be very careful while picking a crypto exchange. 

There are platforms that provide their own wallets in which you can not transfer your crypto coins from the platform. In this case, there are so many chances that you lose your coins or can’t transfer them. It is a big security issue what if the tax issues come up or any other security issues such as hacking. In this case, you just have the option to sell and rebuy your coins, which is basically a big loss. If you’re particularly into swing trading, you can also check out this guide about swing trading taxes in case you need them.

How to Trade Without Prior Experience?

It might seem like you can not enter trading without any prior experience. If we go back in time tradings seem to be very complex and nobody even understood the concept easily. But why it was really complex?

The answer will satisfy your curiosity and will also enhance your knowledge of trading. There were platforms that were manual and the programming languages used for the software were not modern.

So the trade was not easy in that era as compared now. Nowadays there are so many platforms through which you can easily without any experience and if you do not have any experience so you can use automated platforms as you can check on this link

What is Crypto Genius?

What is Crypto Genius?

It is not just the name that has genius in it but it is actually a genius platform for trading. Crypto genius is basically an automated platform that makes a profit for non-experienced traders as well. The question is popping out here how is it possible to gain profit when you are non-experienced?

Here is the answer to your question! Crypto Genius is designed by John Mayer and his crazy software engineers team and they have created such a brilliant automated trading system, and that system is literally helping so many people to get rich within no time. The research shows that many of the traders are making $5000 daily with Crypto Genius. Handsome amount indeed!

Crypto Genius Account

All the traders who want to invest money with Crypto Genius must fulfill the requirements of the platform. The setup of an account is absolutely free of cost, you just have to follow some guidelines. Here we will discuss further steps before you start trading.



Before you start trading you need to be registered on the platform to further proceed. The registration process is mostly very lengthy and hectic on most trading platforms. But Crypto Genius makes sure that every feature and every action of the platform should be user-friendly for the users.

So it has some simple steps to follow, first of all, you need to fill out a form and then submit it for approval. It is so simple and if you look at other platforms it has really complex method of registration. Register yourself today with Crypto Genius!

Funds Deposit

Whenever you start a business capital is the main thing you need. Same in the case of trading, you need to deposit funds in your account to start trading. It depends on you how much capital you are investing in your account. But you have to deposit $250 in the Crypto Genious account and this is the minimum requirement of the platform if you want to start trading.

It is not necessary that you deposit big investments in the first go, You need to start with low investment if you are not an experienced trader. However, we all know that big investments can turn out into big profits.

Demo trading with Crypto Genius

Demo trading with Crypto Genius

Most of the platforms do not have their demo trade feature in them, which is not good for beginners. The demo feature can help beginners and people who do not even know the T of trade. The demo feature helps you with trading practice and you can observe which strategy you want to choose. 

Nowadays the most important factor is to enable demo features for all the auto trading platforms. Crypto Genius has the best demo feature and you know it is the best? Because it works excellently. You must try and play with the demo feature to know deep details about how to trade.

Live trading feature

The live trading feature is the best-developed feature in the crypto genius platform. Most people do not have enough time to trade but they want themselves to roll in this game, the live trading feature brings profit for that kind of people. Crypto genius lives trading feature is designed in a way that it generates the best possible results and their robots are so genius in generating those profit-driven results.

The main reason people make huge profits on their capital are those robots, they are working so perfectly and accurately and making high profits on investments. Crypto Genius has everything automated and the best part is the currency pair, the trading robot chooses the best currency pair which is really profitable for the investor.

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