How Can I Get My Money Back From NovaTechFX?

by Finance Published on: 02 April 2022 Last Updated on: 14 November 2022


If you’ve ever had to deal with a NovaTechFX broker, you know that getting a withdrawal might be challenging.

If you are starting to get the best, this is pretty obvious that you will not go to ask for your money back. Even the quality is already there. If it does not fit your requirements, asking for the money back is the next action. 

Let’s see what’s the solution.

The first action of asking for a refund is to call the support novatechfx. Then submit the queries, and ask for the suggestions which need to follow. Because when you are asking for a refund, only login is not enough. First, know is a type of NovaTechFX. Is this a broker?

What Is A Broker, NovaTechFX?

NovaTechFX is an online Forex and CFD trading platform with headquarters in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This sentence is an immediate red flag since SVG doesn’t have a financial regulator.

Their financial authority body, FSA, declared itself in charge of pension funds, banks, and insurance companies, but not Forex and binary options firms. All in all, NovaTechFX should obtain its regulation somewhere else.

novatechfx definition

Besides being an offshore entity, the company claims to have offices in the US and Estonia. While NovaTech Advisors LLC is really registered in Florida, it has nothing to do with the NovaTechFX scam. Estonian companies are probably there for money laundering, as we all know how reputable this country and its banks are.

Continue reading our NovaTechFX review for further information on this fraudulent scheme.

How Can NovaTechFX Take Your Money?

Since we’ve determined that NovaTechFX is nothing but an unlicensed offshore scam, let’s explain it in detail.

How can they take your money, and how to avoid being defrauded?

First of all, schemes like NovaTechFX are not obligated to follow any regulatory rules, meaning they can advertise all kinds of fake promotions and profits. Basically, if you’ve ever watched the NovaTechFX promo ad, you will see that they’re inviting you to start with only $99 and makeup to $5,000 a day. As if.

NovaTechFX money

Once you invest, you’ll get an MT5, which is terrific. Yet, leverage on the platform is up to 1:100, while regulators in the EU and US limit it to 1:30 or 1:50 for the Forex market. Meaning you’re at risk from the very start.

Account managers at this firm will ask you to invest more and more, promising you higher gains. Furthermore, they’ll present you with all sorts of fake profits on the platform just so that you would be convinced to pay more. But once you decide you want to withdraw your funds, this is where your struggle will begin.

Since the company is not very keen on payouts, you may experience different problems ending with your investment account being frozen. And once it’s frozen, you have no access to your funds whatsoever.

How To Get Money Back From The NovaTechFX?

When you are making the novatechfx withdrawal. There are certain types of platform policies you have to maintain. For example, the refund and collapse policy. All of the refund claims require the NovaTech, LTD authorizations first.

Many of the buyers have queries like whether NovaTech is legit forex or not. As there are many fraud companies present. You will be relieved after knowing  NovaTech is a legit forex and crypto trading platform. But this company is not at risk. As the company is still now at the MLM level.

Then the request is getting processed. Here are certain types of authorization numbers required for the processing. That is the RMA number.

Get Money Back From The NovaTechFX1

You will find this number in the shipping carton. 

When you are making calls to the customer merchandise, you will get the option of returning the merchandise option.

Returning the unused portion is much easier. You are only going to require 30 days.

You have to save the purchase order number as this is equivalent to your sales receipt.

Tip: Every customer needs to have customer service as the returning address. Do not skip the RMA numbers when you are planning to return the products. You can see the novatechfx reviews for understanding the actual scenarios.

First, contact And read through the refund instructions. Then make contact. You also can use the novatechfx app and make a novatech login.

What To Do If You Have Already Gotten Into The Hands Of A Scammer?

Admitting that you have been scammed is never easy. You have to face the ugly truth that you’ve trusted someone who has pretended to be your best friend while they were just extorting the money from you. Yet, it’s not all lost. There is a solution to such a situation, and we’re here to provide it for you.

If you have made a NovaTechFX deposit using your credit card, you have up to 540 days to request a chargeback. If money was transferred via bank transfer, you could recall the transaction. Since all these processes require specific knowledge, we are here to provide assistance.

Instead of letting scammers run with your hard-earned money, you can simply contact Global Fraud Protection using the link below to explain your situation. They’ve helped many with a similar problem, and their chargeback specialists will be glad to help you too.

Book your FREE consultation now!

Wrapping It Up:

These are the simple processes for claiming the NovaTechFX refunds. But before processing the claims, it will be better to take help from the customer support system.

Unless you do not know the actual claiming process, the whole system will become more complicated. So it will be better first to take a look at the norms and regulations while you are making the purchase. And keep all the mail in your mailbox.

The situations will go to be far easier.

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