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If you are a new Forex broker or planning to start a brokerage company, getting a Forex license is one of the first things you will need to do. There are many countries in the world where licenses for Forex work are issued.

When you first start to do the trading, the one single solution is to enroll your names in the trade school. The other option is to learn from your experiences. Once you have the horse, you will surely go to learn how to ride the horse.

Categories Of The Forex Trade And Laws

Depending on various factors, such as complexity, cost, terms for obtaining a Forex license, as well as the reputation of the jurisdiction itself, all countries can be conditionally divided into several categories.

For example, only installing the trade analyzer can not give you the whole trading idea. You have to be more precise about the actual government norms regarding trading.

1. First Category Of The Trade And Laws

The first category of countries includes the USA and Switzerland. In the US, the Forex market is regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Association (NFA), and in Switzerland, by the Financial Market Supervisory Authority. Trade regulators in these countries are considered among the most stringent in the world.

Thus, in order to obtain a United States license to operate in the Forex market, you must have at least 20 million dollars of equity and will need to comply with strict reporting requirements. 

The office of the company must be physically located in the country. Moreover, here they take customer complaints very seriously, which can easily influence the decision of the regulator regarding the further activities of the brokerage company. 

2. Second Categories Of The Trade And Laws

On the other hand, the US license will be one of the most prestigious in the world and will give access to clients with huge financial opportunities.

The countries with Forex trading license in the next category can be conditionally attributed to the UK and Australia. The regulator in the UK is the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). In Australia, it is the ASIC(Securities and Investments Commission). 

These countries have lower trade capital and reporting requirements. Thus, the minimum amount of capital is 100 thousand USD (excluding client funds), and the procedure for obtaining a license usually takes about a year and will cost from 22 to 50 thousand USD.

3. Third Catagories Of Trade And Laws:

The countries of the next level include Cyprus, New Zealand, and Malta. In Cyprus, the official regulator is the Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). In New Zealand, the Registry of Financial Services Providers (FSP). And in Malta, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). 

They require brokerage firms to have local offices but do not require detailed reporting. And it is much easier to open a bank account here. The amount of the required minimum capital starts from 30 thousand USD, and the average period for obtaining a license is only six months. 

One of the main features of trade brokerage companies in these countries is that they work primarily with clients from Europe.

What About Common Laws And Regulation For Forex Trading?

Regulation For Forex Trading

Every country has very fixed rules and regulations. And in many countries, forex trading is not legal. So when you are selecting the Forex trading platform, you will require valid licenses to operate the country’s forex trading functions.

Here are some of the common rules and regulations for forex trading.

  • Each of the forex dealers and brokers should accept the periodic reviews.
  • The Forex brokers must honor their contracts along with each of the trading clients.
  • The law states that each of the Forex brokers must maintain their secrecy and honor each of their clients.
  • Even the government can withdraw their licenses if the privacy norms are broken down.
  • Each of the brokers should have enough funds which is going to cover the client’s investments.
  • All of the forex brokers and platforms must relate with fair representation of the legislation.

 These are the common trade laws and regulations for Forex trading. If any of the forex trading dealers are overlapping these norms, the governments can take strict action against them.

Anywhere around the earth overlapping these norms can be severe damage to the reputation of the platform. And authorities can make pretty strict decisions against these clients.


This is not the whole list of countries in which you can get a license. But in any case, in order not to make any trade mistake and correctly calculate and arrange everything, you need to understand Digital Fintech law.

Either you yourself will act as an expert in this matter, or you will need the help of a specialist, which is undoubtedly a reliable option.

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