Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

by Legal 19 February 2021

Personal Injury Lawyer

The hassle I go through working with a personal injury lawyer will depend on how much I’m willing to put into getting the right one. Sadly, many people make various mistakes in the process, costing them significantly, including denied compensation. So, If you’re looking for personal injury attorneys near SFO or NYC, here is what I think you should be cautious about.

Going for the most advertised lawyer:

Going for the most advertised lawyer

Just because a lawyer seems to be the most prestigious option on ads and recommendations does not mean they will be right for me. Each personal injury case is relatively different, meaning I need a lawyer who is adaptable enough to handle my case or one who has dealt with a similar one before. This should be despite years of experience since even relatively new attorneys have a particular edge that could be advantageous.

However, this does not mean I entirely shy away from advertised firms. The idea is to get all the facts before making the final decision.

Since personal injury claims do not involve too many procedures, many are solved through settlement meetings. However, this does not mean there are no cases where I have to involve the court proceedings. Many companies and insurances do not like to expose their names to public scrutiny by pushing for a trial. Still, where the need is, a good lawyer should have experience winning related court cases.

If the lawyer is doing everything they can to avoid the courtroom, I should ask questions. Sometimes it is in my best interest we don’t get that far, but I should be made to understand my options even in such events. Otherwise, the possibility of advancing the case should always be included and prepared for if I want the most satisfying compensation. Winning a court case could mean more compensation.

Not doing proper research:

People may have good intentions when referring lawyers to us, but this should not be the only consideration we take. One phone call to the recommended lawyer is also not enough. My personal research should always hold more weight. This is because some lawyers may have one good report, but the bad outweighs it. Others were excellent because the case they handled was direct and fast. Therefore, I can never tell who I’m working with until I have collective proofs I can trust.

Forgetting to ask important questions:

A good lawyer will try their best to keep me in the know. However, they could forget to mention something important that I will need to understand and win my claim. This is why I should follow up on all my lawyer’s briefs with questions.

Whether it is a term or a procedure that isn’t familiar, bringing up a question will ensure the lawyer sheds more light into it and maybe add on a few things he/she had left out. The lawyer should also be patient when breaking down all the information and leave room for any questions.

Paying upfront:

Please do not opt for a personal injury lawyer who asks for an upfront payment. Most use contingency fees as this means a win-win scenario when they resolve the claim. If I pay a personal injury lawyer an upfront fee, the lawyer may not be as inspired to ensure I get what I deserve as they have already made their cut. A lawyer operating on a contingency basis knows that neither will they get their share if I do not get mine.

It’s about more than the degree:

It's about more than the degree

Just because a lawyer has a law degree and I don’t should be the only factor that drives me to trust their counsel. I should have an assurance that they will do their best and that my case is worth something precious to them. Else, I will be working with non-functional papers. I should also ensure the lawyer has passed the bar and has no criminal records, as this could work against my case.

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