Long-Term Effects Of Car Accidents According To Legal Experts

by Legal Published on: 23 February 2021 Last Updated on: 05 April 2021

Effects Of Car Accidents

Anyone who says that they are prepared for the effects following a car accident is lying. In fact, according to rehabilitation experts, car accidents are one of the most traumatizing experiences that anyone can face in their lifetime.

The physical and emotional fallouts of a car accident can result in long-term effects. This is true not only for the person that has been affected but also for the near and dear family and friends. Right from contacting a legal attorney, to checking into a hospital and going for rehab, the entire process can be very overwhelming.

In this article, we speak to leading experts at JamesMckiernanLawyers.com. We ask them about certain long-term effects of car accidents that individuals should prepare for.

Physical Effects of Car Accidents for Individuals

Effects of Car Accidents

If you have been involved in a serious car accident, you will get physically injured. While automobile manufacturers are improving on upping the safety quotient in vehicles, serious accidents can still lead to-.

  • Fractures on the Hands, Legs, and other Joints.
  • Neck Damage because of the snapping effect of accidents.
  • Internal damage to the organs when pressed following an accident.
  • Skin issues and ruptures because of scratches.
  • Blood loss following a serious accident.

As you can see, if the above are not addressed immediately, it can lead to life-threatening outcomes. Getting immediate medical help is of utmost priority for anyone involved in a car accident. Checking into the nearest medical facility can ensure immediate first aid and other procedures that can help in negating accelerate the recovery period.

Experts point out injuries from car injuries can be somewhat deceptive. You might suffer from internal injuries but the visible signs might not be apparent. Only proper tests can confirm whether you are suffering internal bleeds and other vitals of internal organs.

According to the Best Car Accident Attorney Kansas City, the reason why car accidents can be very tough is simply because of the long-term recovery period required. While you will be able to get operated on and be discharged from the hospital in a month’s time, gaining complete control over all your physical senses could end up needing anywhere from six months to a year. This recovery period can sometimes get very tough, both physically as well as mentally.

Emotional Trauma of Car Accident Victims

Trauma of Car Accident Victims

Issues like depression, anxiety, nightmares, and shock are common when it comes to car accident victims. In fact, a post-recovery diet can also result in serious weight reduction, loss of appetite, and other serious issues.

Many people get depressed especially if the recovery and rehabilitation take a long time. They keep thinking as to when will they recover, and start their normal life once again. If someone has been affected with a lifelong impairment, the nature of emotional turmoil becomes different.

Many studies that have been done to understand the emotional trauma of car accident victims have thrown up some interesting points-

  • Car accident victims continue to feel hesitant when stepping into a vehicle even after a period as long as one year.
  • PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is something that most report during the rehabilitation process.
  • The emotional trauma extends from the individual that has been injured to the family members.
  • Sexual dysfunction, insomnia, mood swings, etc. have been widely reported from car accident victims.

Why Getting Immediate Legal Help in Important for Car Accident Victims

Legal experts at the James McKiernan law firm state that most car accident victims underestimate the importance of hiring an attorney immediately after.

They point out that legal attorneys can help in the following ways-

  1. Getting a personal injury lawsuit filed on behalf of the car accident victim immediately after the event.
  2. Negotiating with the insurance adjusters and ensuring that the medical bills and payments are taken care of.
  3. Gathering evidence to build the personal injury compensation lawsuit against the accident perpetrator.
  4. Providing emotional, moral, and mental support to the accident victim at multiple levels from surgery to rehab.
  5. Collecting Bills, Medical Records, and other paperwork that will come in handy for legal processes.

The Final Word

No one can truly prepare themselves for a car accident. However, once you have been in one, it is important to pay attention to things that can be done to improve your condition. This includes getting into a hospital, not worrying about financial issues, and focussing on the recovery process following the accident.

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