Tips to Take Care of Electric Batteries

by Technology 26 February 2020

electric batteries

Sustaining the life of the battery needs proper care and maintenance as it’s required with most other things in life. If you are testing and inspecting your electric battery at regular intervals, it will assist with prolonging the battery life. A standard examination at once a month minimum is prescribed for extending a battery’s longevity.

Following are a few tips which you can use for maintaining a battery:

The battery should not be at 100% full charge:

The majority of electric batteries have options for a “Maximum,” “Standard,” or “Range” charge. You should be charging maximum when it’s needed, however, only do so before you begin to use it. Most batteries (for instance, an EV vehicle battery) have timers for charging to assist you in planning your charge.

In case you have an EV electric battery that doesn’t have that option, charge it all night and charge again till 10-20 percent before you leave in the morning. If your reconditioning battery pack is at maximum charge for even moderately brief timeframes, your battery life can reduce significantly. It is recommended that you, by no means, allow your battery to get charged for longer than eight hours.

Although, you might be able to monitor the timing of maximum charge, however, a battery getting fully charged to 10% daily is never good. This is the reason most sellers offer “normal” or “standard” charging levels, which won’t assist you with accomplishing the best EPA run evaluated for your vehicle.

The pint is here is if a maximum charge is not needed, then don’t utilize it. By and large, batteries like lithium-ion do best when they are in the range of 30-90% charged. Albeit somewhat outrageous, delaying the time spent above or beneath that charging hypothetically may prompt a shorter life. In such cases, you’d need Battery Reconditioning tools for rejuvenating your battery.

Be aware of extreme temperature conditions:

Hot-temperature is the adversary of Lithium-ion. It might be a leading cause of electric battery debasement when it faces hotter climatic conditions. A classic example here was the brand of Nissan producing a battery for “hot climate” for their LEAF after proprietors inside more sizzling atmospheres grumbled of reducing battery life.

Then again, the extraordinary chilly climate can affect a lithium-ion battery bringing down the capacity of discharge.

Planning ahead of time:

In case you’re leaving on for a long trip for business or holidays; ideally, your vehicle battery should be set the charge level to half and leave it connected. In case you have to leave your EV at the air terminal or someplace where you can’t leave it connected, be careful that you will lose some charge every day.

You must be charging to a level where you can go to someplace, for instance, the air terminal. Let it sit for the outing and afterward still have enough in the tank to return home.

If your battery is at 90% charge, then it’s better for the battery as well as you. All you don’t want is the battery left at 10% charge and finding yourself in trouble in an emergency.

Battery servicing:

At the time when you’d need servicing of an (SMF) battery, check the pointer indicating the state of charge. You will get a preview of the condition of the battery and whether there is a need for replacement or Battery Reconditioning.

In the case of an EV, the vehicle might still turn over the motor, although the pointer will indicate that the battery needs to be replaced.

If the pointer prompts ‘Supplant Battery,’ you should supplant the battery as the electrolyte levels might be underneath the plates, which can prompt an inward blast.

A bit more on inspection:

If there is a maintainable electric battery which you have, it is essential to check if the battery has an adequate coating of electrolyte on the battery plates. If you would a little need topping-up, see that it’s not over-filled. If you have over-filled your battery, then the liquid levels will shoot up when the battery is completely charged and may flow out.

A topping up should be done using demineralized water; however, make sure you are not loading it up with H2SO4 (sulphuric acid).


Sometimes the battery life may drain out with time in which case you can think of EZ battery reconditioning to the job for you. With EZ battery reconditioning tools, you can get the more out of your exhausted battery if you don’t have a plan for immediate replacement.

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