Three Signs You Should Have Shipping Crates Created For Items You Are Transporting

by Ecommerce 12 November 2020

Shipping Crates

Shipping crates are crates typically constructed from wood, that are used to protect your belongings when you are moving or transporting them. Most people use boxes or totes to pack belongings for a move, but there are times when a box simply won’t work for your needs. When this occurs, a custom-made crate may be a better option for you. Here are three of the most common signs that a crate is a better choice than a box or tote for your belongings.

Your Items Won’t Fit In Regular-Sized Boxes

One of the signs that you should have shipping crates created for items you are transporting is that your items don’t fit in regular-sized boxes. If items don’t fit well in a box, they may shift or bounce around in the box. This can cause damage to the item that you are having shipped or transported. A crate is designed specifically for the item that you are shipping or transporting, ensuring the item fits perfectly in the container. This helps to prevent it from shifting or moving while it is in transport, and protects your item from undue damage.

Your Items Are Valuable and Susceptible to Damage

Another common sign that you may need to have shipping crates created for items that you are transporting is that your items are valuable, fragile, or susceptible to damage during transport. For example, many people package up fine art when they are moving or shipping a piece to a buyer. A cardboard box does not offer a lot of protection to that valuable piece of fine art. A crate is typically made from wood, which helps to protect your valuable or fragile items. Expensive or irreplaceable items should always be created before being moved, shipped, or transported.

Your Item is Too Heavy to Fit in a Box

The final sign that you should have shipping crates created for items you are having transported is that the items are too heavy to fit into a box. Cardboard boxes can only sustain a certain amount of weight before the bottom starts to rip or tear. It doesn’t matter how much tape you use, if an item is heavy, it can fall out from the bottom of the box. If you have an item or two that are particularly heavy, a shipping crate may be the best way to ensure your item arrives at its destination in one piece.

It’s important that businesses locate a trusted custom shipping company to help with their various shipping needs. If you have items that you are moving or need to be transported and you do not trust traditional boxes, a good shipping company should be able to create the perfect crates. This helps to ensure that your items arrive at their final destination in the same exact condition they left their starting destination in.

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