Things To Consider To Get The Most Out Of A Janitorial Service

by Services 12 December 2018

Janitorial Service

You have to see if you can get the most out of your janitorial service instead of just hiring them and hoping that they do a good job.  You have no chance at all of getting the most out of the company unless you ask them to give you a high level of service.  You can ask them to do all these things that will make your life easier while also giving you the most value for the money.

1. Ask Them For A Specific Time:

Janitorial services Los Angeles should happen at the time that you want.  You have every right to ask them if they can come at the appointed hour because that is when you can be there or when you will be out.  The same could be true of your company because you want to have people there early before you open or late when you have just closed.  Ask the company if they have enough people to make your appointment, and ask them to keep that appointment every week.

2. Ask Them To Clean The Little Things:

You could ask the janitor to clean things that most other companies would not clean.  This means that you have selected statues and other items in the space that really need to be wiped down.  This could include something like a basic cleaning of all the desks in the office, or it could include a full cleaning of your waiting room and other places that might not get as much attention.

3. Ask If They Do Floors:

Some janitorial companies do not have the machines to do floors because they are very expensive and hard to use.  You need to pick a company that can do all the floors so that they can keep it in the best condition.  You never want to come into space where the floors are dirty, and you also need to ask them if they have a special carpet cleaner or vacuum that will make your life much easier.  This is a simple thing, but some companies do not do this service.

4. Do They Offer Discounts:

You need to ask the company if they offer discounts so that you can save money on all the appointments that you need to have in a month.  You could get a bulk price if they do more than one office, or you could get a discount if they are in the office every day.  The same could be said if you only have them come in once a week.  They could give you a preferred rate because they do a deep clean during this appointment.  You are getting more value and saving time.

There are a lot of people who will find that they can use a cleaning company in their office or home, but they cannot do that if they have not worked out a deal with the company and asked for all the services that give them real value for their dollar.

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