How to Choose Right Janitorial Service for Your Business

by Real Estate Published on: 09 August 2017 Last Updated on: 28 August 2020


Before allowing individuals to come into your business premises, you need to ensure that they can earn your trust because they will keep coming in to perform the cleaning. These people will have your security codes and keys, and it is crucial to note that companies that provide professional janitorial services perform in-depth background checks on their employees. The first thing you need to ask your service providers is if they have performed fingerprinting and if their background reports are okay. Do not be afraid of asking these questions because you will be avoiding future headaches.


The other aspect many companies forget to check is the insurance cover liability. Nowadays many janitorial service providers claim that they have insurance, licensed, or are bonded, but the truth remains that the companies they serve may forget to verify when signing up for the service. Insurance cover is crucial because accidents are bound to happen, and you will not have to waste time going to court when something goes wrong. The insurance cover amount needs to be at least one million dollars for a good professional janitorial services provider.

Avoid contracts

The other aspect is trying as much as possible to stay away from contracts. It is advisable to pay extra money than sign a deal, regardless of how good the convenience is, for several years. Not having a specified time limit will give you flexibility and scalability. Outsourcing gives you the leverage of adjusting staffing levels of the operations of your business on an as-needed basis. This will help you control operational costs and make adjustments to staff requirements and changes.

Apart from keeping your professional janitorial service providers on their best practices and behaviors to avoid competition from other providers, you will have a small number of staff to handle. When you decide to sign up for any contract, you need to ensure that you have the opportunity to adjust the requirements of the business to the function of the service providers.

You also need to choose a personal decision between choosing a local janitorial service or a franchise service provider. A franchise, on most occasions, is just a name you will pay for, and you will not be paying for labor, but royalties and franchise fees. They also have an annual fee for contract customers. Many people have had a bad experience with contracts.

Small professional janitorial service providers are home-based and work with businesses on a personal level. These businesses work through referrals, making it reason enough to ensure the best results. These businesses do not need contracts to work in your business because they work on a month to month basis and require short notice to terminate their services.

Verification of the service providers

The other aspect is the verification of the work of the selected janitorial service providers. Most professional janitorial service providers have a portfolio or website of their current customers and work. Even though for privacy reasons, many customers will not allow you to walk through their premises, it is great to try out a particular janitorial service provider before deciding on the particular service provider to contact.

Today many companies that provide professional janitorial services use cleaning products that are earth-friendly. You need to ensure that their practices are people friendly in terms of safety and health. The right professional janitorial services provider needs to know the difference between disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning. You also need to remember that low prices might imply low quality. You need to review the proposal you receive deeply to understand the specifications. You need to understand their monthly, weekly, and daily activities to make a fair comparison.

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