Snovio: An All-In-One Outreach Tool for Marketing, Recruiting and Sales

by Marketing Published on: 15 February 2019 Last Updated on: 28 August 2020

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You have a good strategy in place, you have a great product that you have to introduce to the world, you know the product will be a game-changer for the industry, but there is just one slight problem. You do not know how to reach out to the right kind of people! This is an issue that affects or rather stagnates the growth of many product companies, marketing and sales plan, and a host of other outreach campaigns.

However, a new outreach tool in the market is creating the right amount of buzz in the tech world. Enter Snovio, an all-in-one outreach tool that helps not only find emails but also do marketing campaigns, sales strategies, and recruiting drives.

Snovio: An Innovative Marketing Outreach Tool:

The next question that might pop in your head is what makes Snovio unique and different from other outreach tools available on the market. Snovio is a multi-functional outreach tool that offers users verifiability, credibility, and positive leads. Finding an email address might be something that several other tools can give, however, Snovio helps verify emails and lets you know whether it is worth to send emails to them or not.

We have checked, worked within free and paid plans for several outreach automation tools, yet our team of experts felt that the ease of working, the inbuilt functionalities, the 24×7 live customer support, and the pricing (we need to dedicate an entire section to that) makes Snovio a very exciting offer. Snovio works not only as an email finder, but also as an Email Checker, Campaign Planner, Technology Checker, and Email Tracker.

Who Should Use this Outreach Email Finder Tool and How:

Let us imagine a situation: you are a new Marketing Executive in a Company. The Vice President calls you and asks you to find emails of 50 Bloggers who he thinks should be invited for the next product launch party. What do you do? For many individuals and professionals, manually scouting LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google for credible bloggers and lists would be nearly impossible. In order to save time, money, and your face, you should employ a powerful, yet, easy-to-use outreach tool like Snovio.

Is Snovio an automation tool that I should use as a professional? The answer to that question depends on where and which position you are working at. Let us be very upfront and say that if you are into marketing, Snovio is an invaluable asset to have at your disposal. For Sales Professional who are chasing down leads, Snovio offers not only capabilities that help in Lead Generation, but also help build Lead Substantiation. For HR professionals, the Snovio email finder and email verifying capabilities along with maintaining personnel databases will help you save a considerable amount of time and effort. For Start-up, entrepreneurs who are creating and reaching out to people all the time, Snovio’s capabilities are a direct match to the requirements.

Building Marketing and Sales Campaigns with Snovio’s Automated Tools:

The future of automation means that innovation will help create more and more tools for outreach in the future that are easier, more organized, user-friendly, effective, and, hopefully, affordable. Snovio Drip Campaigns feature allows one to successfully build campaigns, while also integrating several ‘triggers’ according to the liking of the user. Drip Campaigns will allow you to send marketing emails to prospects at specific, automatically triggered times set in a schedule that you have drafted and set according to your plan and convenience. You can rest assured that from now on, your emails to leads will always be in the right place at the right time, and you will be able to automate the whole email outreach process. The entire campaign process from lead generation to email sending – all on Snovio single platform.

We cannot stress it enough, but one of Snovio USPs is its simplicity of use. With the drag-and-drop builder, you can simply choose the element you need, drop it in the Campaign creation area, and connect all the steps with a line.

A Pocket-Friendly and Cost-Effective Automated Outreach Tool:

When was the last time you found a marketing tool that you felt was an awesome suggestion, but the pricing of the same made it a distant dream? Yes, innovation and automation make these effective tools quite expensive to use. You would also not want to blow through half your marketing or start-up budget just by purchasing or running a tool. This is where Snovio becomes such an exciting offer.

What if we told you that you could get all the access and all the features of Snovio right from Domain Email Finder, Email Verifier, Email Drip Campaigns, Email Tracker for Gmail, and Technology Checker for free? You might not believe us, but that is where Snovio has been able to stand heads and shoulders above all its competition.

Snovio is not only economical to use, but it also offers a never-ending free and renewable monthly plan with 100 monthly credits and 30 drip campaign recipients for consumers and users to try out all the tools and features. If you need to go over this limit, you can purchase a plan that suits your requirements. FYI, the pricing is not going to burn a hole in your pocket as far as the cheapest plan of 1,000 credits is priced very reasonably at $29.

All the features of Snovio are open to using even in the free plan. Unlike almost all competitors who severely restrict use in the trial/free period and demand your credit card details upfront, Snovio does no such thing. Your credit card details will never be asked, and neither will any service be restricted for use. Snovio’s entire arsenal of services stays open for consumers, even when it is free. You can distribute the credits however you like. Snovio notifies you about the credits to be used beforehand. The export feature is also available in all paid plans.

The Last Word:

With so many features, easy on the budget capabilities, simplicity, and potential, will it be farfetched to say that Snovio is a game-changer in the field of automated outreach tools? We think that Snovio as a tool plugs several loopholes that existed in the tech ecosystem. Yes, there are some areas of improvement, but it is definitely after a very long time that we have come across a near-complete tool for outreach. After speaking to a few of our friends and colleagues from the industry who have been using Snovio for at least a couple of months, we rest assured that unlike many automated outreach tools that came and went, Snovio is very much here to stay!

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