6 Tips For A Minimalist Desk Setup That Inspires Productivity

by Business Development Published on: 06 January 2023 Last Updated on: 10 February 2023

Minimalist Desk Setup

Whether you’re in the office or at your own home office, productivity can be boosted simply by revamping your desk setup and workspace. So, how can you inspire productivity with your desk setup? Keep reading to find out our 6 hot tips for a minimalist workspace that will keep you productive during working hours!

Invest in a monitor/laptop stand

Invest in a monitor/laptop stand

You might be thinking, “a minimalist desk setup means fewer items on the desk…” which is correct, but this doesn’t mean you need to remove or can’t add certain things to your desk. Something that we recommend you purchase for your desk is a monitor or laptop stand – no more looking down at a screen which can lead to stiff necks. Now you can stare straight at the screen in front of you!

Use natural lighting

Use natural lighting

Good lighting is a must for productive workspaces, so it’s important that you utilize natural lighting whenever possible – place your desk by a window to ensure that natural daylight shines through. Natural light is associated with boosted productivity and wellbeing, which goes to show the significance of natural lighting for workspaces.

If you’re in a position where natural lighting is not applicable, you may want to consider lamps with cool and white light fixtures. Monitor lamp bars are great for this, otherwise, opt for a standard desk lamp.

Sitting all day? Stand instead

Stand instead

Back cramps and ack pain are definitely an inconvenience to deal with, especially if you are sitting on an office chair most of the time. To improve this, you may want to consider a standing desk or an adjustable desk where you can adjust the height! This can help with those back problems and enable you to focus on your tasks more efficiently.

Your best friend is your desk plant

desk plant

Believe it or not, an office plant can truly help improve your productivity levels by up to 15%! Although you could definitely buy a big plant to be placed on the floor, we suggest buying a small succulent or other that can be put on top of your desk. Boosting air quality and productivity – what gets better than that?

Less clutter = clearer mind

Less clutter = clearer mind

Minimalist desks mean minimal items on desks which is why it’s crucial that you declutter your desk to help improve productivity. In particular, clean and tidy desks can help you concentrate more. If you can’t afford a cleaner, or simply just need a desk outside of your home, you might consider serviced offices.

For example, serviced offices in Belfast will provide you with all the necessary amenities if you’re an employer looking for offices in the Belfast area. Serviced offices can help keep your workplace neat and tidy, improving overall productivity.

Stationery at arm’s reach


It can be frustrating when we need to quickly jot or write something down, but our tools are far from our reach.

If your work requires the use of stationery such as notebooks, pens, calculators, and other materials, you should ensure that such tools are not only readily available for you to use but also that they’re reachable from your desk. This may mean installing storage spaces within or on top of your desk so that stationery can be kept at a close distance.

And there you have it – 6 tips that can keep your desk space clear and still inspire maximum productivity at work.


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