Managing Your Customer Support: Customer Service Audit Checklist

by Customer Service 21 December 2022

Customer Support

Top-notch customer service is what brings your business to the top of the market. Don’t believe it? According to 83% of executives, if the customer experience is left unimproved, it leads to a significant loss of revenue and market share risks.

All facts support the significance of an exceptional customer service system for business growth. However, how do you know that you have robust support? If this question arises, it’s time to audit customer service team.

What Is Customer Service Audit: Meaning

Previous to the question of how to do a customer service audit goes another, a more basic one. When we talk about auditing customer service, what we mean is the revision of the current work process of your support team, how satisfied are your clients with it, and whether you are missing any possibilities.

When a business ensures a quality audit, customer service can flourish and therefore benefit your business as well. This way you can also get a clearer view of your current support strategy and improve it in a way that most suits your objectives.

How To Do A Customer Service Audit: A Step-By-Step Guide

Now that we know what is customer service audit, we can dig a little bit deeper and move on to the process of its organization. Of course, auditing takes time and needs to be arranged in advance. You can’t just perform such an evaluation on a whim.

For this reason, we have prepared a customer service audit checklist, that can ensure a gradual and systematic analysis of your support team’s efforts.

Customer Lifecycle

Customer Lifecycle

First of all, you would need to start with the evaluation of the current customer lifecycle that you designed. You need to take into account the whole journey: from the very beginning, before your client even bought anything, and to the very end (their “after” experience).

Pay attention to how the service team converts and retains customers, therefore noting whether they have positively influenced the lifecycle at all.

Measurements And Statistics

Measurements And Statistics

To know exactly what’s happening with your customer’s journey, you need to analyse the facts. You can get the clearest results by reviewing and analysing the statistics.

Retention rates, response time, level of customer satisfaction, and other KPIs can help you see the situation as it is and structure your efforts accordingly creating a working customer service audit template.

Complaints Vs Compliments

Complaints Vs Compliments

All companies, no matter their reputation or the level of client service, will have their fair share of complaints. However, you will also get a lot of positive feedback (even businesses with mostly dark auras get it).

So, don’t ignore any of it. Instead, take them both and compare these arrays of information. This can provide several opportunities, like reaching out to dissatisfied customers and making things right by them, as well as analysing your strong sides and highlighting them for future users.

The Expertise Of The Customer Support Team

 Expertise Of The Customer Support Team

Having reviewed the workflow, you can move on to the valuation of the team. No matter whether it’s outsourced customer service or in-house support, they need to have a proper level of knowledge in the field as well as about your company and products.

They have to obtain a certain level of skills to handle their clients properly and ensure the most comfortable experience for them. Maybe you’ll see that a little bit of extra training won’t hurt anyone, but rather positively influence your company.

Tracking Results

If you use several not connected channels, you probably won’t be able to track and measure your customer efforts. You can lose a lot of important indexes and facts along the way of gathering the information.

So, don’t waste your precious time. We live in the age of technology with so many tools that can make these processes much quicker and easier. You can use chatbots the improvement of response rates, and use inbox surveys to collect feedback. There are many ways of making tech work for you, so why not do it?


As you may see, conducting a customer service audit is not a simple task. However, it’s a very important step for the development of your company. Without properly trained and organised client support, you won’t have a stable base of income or a brand name even.

If you are doubting yourself to be an auditor, you can always hire someone from the outside. These professionals will know how to access the state of your customer support.

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