Should You Provide Your Employees a Work Cellphone?

by Management 01 March 2019

work cellphone

Remember beepers?

Gone are the days when the best way to keep your employees connected was having a big chunk of plastic hanging off each of their belts. Now the smartphone is king. About 77% of US adults own a smartphone. and one of the best tools for turning your workforce into a well-oiled machine.

So then it begs the question, as a business owner, should I provide my employees with a work cellphone? Yes! Read on to discover the advantages of providing your workforce with cellphones!


One advantage of issuing company cellphones is the ability to have access to your employee no matter where they are. Work issued cellphones allow for an easily managed work directory so that each and every employee is only a quick text away. This is great for departments like IT who need to be on call at all times in some capacity.

You can easily access an employee who may have the day off but who knows the answer to an important question that can’t wait until the next day.


Some employers reimburse employers for work conducted on personal cellphones, but that can be an expensive option. Because each employee has their own private phone service, you will not pay a consistent rate across all employees with that method.

Issuing company cellphones through one provide also allows you to take care of bundling deals. Providers will have company plans that will allow you to add on a large number of lines, and these will be cheaper per line than employee’s private plans.

A risk in providing company cellphones is the cost involved in replacing phones your employees may damage. In fields like construction, this cost can add up quick as the job sites provide many ways for the phones to become damaged.

A good idea to prevent these surprise costs is to make sure your company phones take advantage of an extended warranty from a company like Consumer Priority Service.


A huge plus of providing company cellphones is the ability to create a streamlined workflow. Building a workflow around specific applications or operating systems will make sure that everyone is on the same page.

In the same way, you might order everyone in the office on the same computer, having everyone using the same phone makes things easier. It allows you to take advantage of the connected apps and features each operating systems provides without worrying about whether some employees will be able to access them or not.

This kind of compatibility is efficient and streamlined for both you and your employees. For more useful efficiency tips, check out this article, “5 Simple Ways of Making Your Business More Efficient!

A Work Cellphone For Everyone:

From savings money to streamlining communication, the benefits of company cellphones are far-reaching. With each of your employees equipped with a work cellphone, your company can work smarter (pun intended.)

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