What Sort Of Supplies Are Needed When Setting Up A News Agency?

by Starting a Business Published on: 12 April 2022 Last Updated on: 05 May 2022

Setting Up A News Agency

Setting up a news agency can be a complicated task, especially when you’re trying to meet the needs of your customers. Having a range of products is a key part of setting up your news agency for success.

Customer expectations change frequently, it’s important you are ready to meet their needs by setting yourself up for success from day one. To set your news agency up for success, make sure to have these supplies stocked.

1. Gifts

Gifts are a staple of any good news agency, especially for the customer who has forgotten a present or is looking for something specific. Offering wholesale giftware in your news agency is a must for attracting a great customer base.

The giftware makes for a perfect present and is one of those things your customers just might grab when the opportunity is in front of them.

News agencies are known for great pricing and having items that aren’t always available everywhere. This added uniqueness to the giftware makes it even more appealing to a broader customer base.

Your news agency can be the talk of the town if you have the right range of wholesale giftware available in store. Offering options is key when it comes to keeping customers browsing and the more giftware you can offer, the better.

2. Magazines


Print is not dead, just ask any enthusiast magazine reader or collector. Magazines are as popular now as they ever were with collectors.

Imagine spending your life collecting magazines only for the print to suddenly stop or for news agencies to stop stocking the magazine you love.

Magazines are a great way to build a loyal customer base and build a great reputation for your news agency. Think broad when it comes to the genre of a magazine, don’t be afraid of the niche topic, this is where the most avid enthusiasts are.

Be sure to stock all the popular tabloid-style magazines as well, these are a staple in some homes and customers will remember your store for stocking them.

Magazines are also a great way to engage your customers, by letting them know when deliveries are coming in and when to get down to the store. This kind of engagement can really help build a good income for your news agency in the early days.

3. Trading cards

Whether you are looking to capture the imagination of kids or adults alike, trading cards are a must-have in any good news agency. Trading cards are a popular activity and will drum up a lot of business for your store.

Many businesses stopped stocking or reducing their offering of trading cards, meaning there is a real opportunity available. Avid collectors and traders will line up for hours for the next pack, a look your store certainly won’t suffer from.

Trading cards are also a great way to make a supplemental sale with kids. When parents are in the store with their kids, be sure to highlight the trading cards and let the child do the rest.

4. Local newspapers

Local newspapers

The local news is as important to some people as national or even international news. The things that affect the local community are incredibly important for your customers.

Most houses will get the local news delivered, but on the off chance that doesn’t happen or a paper goes missing you’re going to want to step in as the savior.

Having the local paper not only helps residents out when they miss their copy, but it also shows you care about the community you operate in. Stock plenty of copies and make it known that the locals can visit anytime to get a copy.

Local newspapers often feature the people in the community in them, which will make them even more sought after when the issues hit the stands.


5. Lottery tickets

Affiliation with the national lottery is a must-have stocked item in any good news agency. The foot traffic alone is reason enough to stock up on lottery tickets, but by offering the lotto you can capture an audience you otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

This incremental traffic in your store will yield greater revenue when the lottery customers start noticing all the other items you stock. Lottery sales are a huge drawcard for many news agencies, so you don’t want to be the odd one out and not offer it.

Be sure to let the community know it’s an option, but avoid the hard sell if you can, you don’t want your customers to think that’s all you do.

Setting up a news agency can be stressful, especially when you’re trying to meet the needs of the community you operate in.

Making sure you have the right stock doesn’t have to be complicated though, it’s about making sure you offer breadth and choice.

If you’re about to start stocking your news agency, make sure you have plenty of these items to get off to a winning start.

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