How To Stay Motivated At Work? 6 Tips To Remember

by Job & Career Published on: 29 September 2023 Last Updated on: 30 March 2024

How To Stay Motivated

The work environment is becoming more and more competitive nowadays. While completing your daily tasks already feels like a lot, it is too much to think of a project, a goal, or a bigger picture related to your professional life. So, how to stay motivated?

First, you look inside yourself and find your answer. What led you to feel the way you are feeling right now? In most cases, the reasons are intrinsic, and you can find the answer inside yourself. However, there are some external elements, too, that can help you motivate yourself at work.

How to Stay Motivated at Work? – Steps to Take

If you are finding yourself in a similar position, Keep reading this article. I have shared a few tips to help you out.

1. Design Your Goals First

How do you stay motivated at work or in life? You can solve this situation through goal setting. Goal setting will help you achieve more than what you would typically do. Multiple studies have shown that sales workers have the best chance of closing more deals when they have a sales goal.

Similarly, 35-year-old Jason from your neighborhood will have better health and an active lifestyle when he starts working out with a daily goal.

Just doing your best might not lead you somewhere you want to be. You must have something pushing you from behind or pulling you toward your goals. Goal setting is one of the keys to staying motivated in the workplace and in your life.

When you set goals for yourself, it can potentially trigger your intrinsic motivation. The introduction of AI and ChatGPT has already disrupted the current job market. Having a laid-back approach to your work will undoubtedly demotivate you.

On the other hand, setting your goal and breaking it down into smaller daily tasks will make adapting to the changing landscape easier. Also, you will stay motivated and achieve more than you pictured.

2. Find Your Reward

Motivating yourself is not easy. But if you want answers to “how to stay motivated,” you must do something about it yourself. But how? Well, the first thing you can do is find gifts you want to give yourself if you are successful.

Finding gifts for yourself and keeping them beyond the finish line will boost your drive to finish a project.

Let’s say you decide to get that Nike shoe for yourself or take a vacation once you finish the goal you set for yourself. Setting goals and keeping a short-term reward for yourself works like an external motivator. This also improves if the employer has an incentive program for you.

However, aside from the benefits, incentive- or reward-driven work also has its own set of downsides. For example, a salesperson might attract some unhappy customers if they are working to maximize sales and not working to boost their business productivity.

Yes, keeping rewards beside your goals is excellent. But do not give in to these temptations and psychological traps. For example, you might work extensively for one week to reach your destination, only to find yourself slacking off or resting in the next week.

So, to stay motivated and not lose sight of your focus, use your goals and rewards mindfully. Don’t make rewards steal the company of your goal; don’t let your goal take away your motivation.

3. Let Your Purpose Push You From Behind

You cannot keep pushing yourself; you need an extra pair of hands. Let your purpose for your work be that motivation for you.

Sometimes, knowing how to stay motivated boils down to one simple question: “Why are you doing what you are doing?”

Reaching your goal can seem difficult and exhausting from time to time. Also, the monotonous process of working towards it will feel like a lot sometimes. This is when you need your purpose to remind you why you are working.

You can do two things here. First, look back and see the path you have already traveled from your starting point. It should give you the feeling of having half of the glass full while the rest of the half seems empty. Once you know that you have done something and reached closer to your goal, it should motivate you to push for the rest.

Additionally, look beyond your goal and picture the reward that comes after you have reached your goal.

4. What Is The Bigger Picture?

When you are on a long journey, and when it feels like a really long journey, the reason possibly has to do with your road, not the journey itself. The process of reaching your goal is more about having a clear sight of the goal.

Sometimes, we tend to exhaust ourselves with the process and lose sight of the bigger picture. Will the current problem or hindrance your way stay once you reach your goal? How does the current situation make a difference in your life? Does it contribute to the bigger picture you have in mind?

Knowing how to stay motivated at work is closely associated with how you see the bigger picture. When small day-to-day work leaves you exhausted, take a small break and focus on the bigger picture.

5. Find New Ways For Your Tasks

The same work and ways can also bore you to the core. These are situations when people lose sight of their goals. You can find different ways of running your work-related operations and give a new perspective on how you see and do your work.

Sometimes, changing the way you work can boost your motivation at work and help you achieve wonders.

6. Deal With Procrastination

Sometimes, we are too caught up with many things that we do not even start. Do not waste your time worrying about why you cannot start or how difficult something is. You will never know until you face a challenge head-on. Procrastination can make you slack off and waste so much of your time. The best way to deal with it is to stop reasoning with yourself and focus on the work at hand.

Sometimes, all you need to start is to ‘start.’

Bottom Line

Although it is tough, we must find our own motivation. While external elements might motivate us somewhat, they do not have much effect in the long run. We must find it within ourselves. The tips provided should help you. But you will find help if you look around. Talk to your seniors or colleagues and note what they do to cope with such a situation.

Hopefully, you have found some direction. Please seek help from a professional mentor or consultant if you need serious help. Thank you for reading.

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