The Rise Of Robo-Advisory Software In Fintech

by Technology 30 August 2022

Robo-Advisory Software

The place of Robo-advisors in fintech cannot be overstated.

With their ability to manage investments and provide unbiased financial advice, they are an excellent investment opportunity when building a fintech app.

The use of this technology offers numerous benefits to users and business owners, alike. In this article, we will look at exactly what these benefits are.

Understanding How Robo-advisors Work

A Robo-advisor is a software that handles investments and proffers financial advice with minimum human intervention.

These digital advisors use algorithms to understand and anticipate investors’ needs, risks, goals, and preferences.

Robo-advisors gather information using questionnaires that contain demographic and psychographic inquiries including gender, income, risk tolerance, liabilities, and asset allocation.

There are multiple types of Robo-advisors varying in operational range, competence, and revenue stream:

1. Simplistic Advisors: These require investors to respond to a questionnaire to assess their risk profile. The Robo-advisor then uses the information to create an investment portfolio based on the user’s investment goals.
2. Comprehensive Advisors: They use Artificial intelligence (AI) to compile in-depth data about users’ spending behaviors in different scenarios, their liabilities, and their net worth. The advisor then uses this data to offer personalized investment advice.

Robo-advisors differ in the range of investment types they cover. Some handle mutual funds alone while others handle a larger scope of investment options.

That’s why a Robo-advisor is a popular feature to implement when creating software for fintech.

Robo-advisors Work

The Benefits Of Robo-advisors

Robo-advisors provide a lot of benefits for both end users and fintech business owners. The list of key advantages includes the following:

1. Cheaper Fees.

Compared to human financial advisors, Robo-advisors’ charges are cheap. The average person cannot afford a human wealth management advisor.

However, Robo-advisory software has efficiently democratized this service and broadened the class of people with access to wealth management advice.

2. Security.

Robo-advisors employ several methods in securing users’ accounts including two-factor authentication. The software also detects suspicious activity and takes drastic steps such as shutting down a user’s account to mitigate any security breaches.

Usually, when this happens, it requires the owner to get in contact with the company to unlock such an account.

3. Ease of Access.

Robo-advisors are easily accessible. Anyone who has an active internet connection can use them. Furthermore, the software is usually designed to be user-friendly and straightforward.

4. Impartiality.

As always, anything human is prone to error due to human leanings and bias. Therefore, human financial advisors’ formula for evaluating risks and investments can be clouded by personal issues. Robo-advisors on the other hand, have no such inclinations.

The software uses AI-based algorithms to gather and evaluate information from potential investors. Then it offers unbiased advice based on the available data.

5. Balanced Decision Making.

One advantage of machines is that they cannot get sidetracked. Therefore, they are in the best place to keep investors on track in the aspect of building investment priorities.

Robo-advisors direct their users to make financial decisions that are balanced both in the short and long term. They also provide regular reminders to that effect.

In Conclusion

Robo-advisory software is driving the wealth tech market.

Being cheaper and less prone to error than human financial advisors, this tool opens up a lot of benefits for fintech apps’ users and helps new startups to stand out in the market.

Robo-advisors are also easily accessible, secure, and effective. They are invaluable technology in the area of investing, personal finance management, and wealth tech.


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