Big Movers in the Finance World over the Last Century

by Finance 08 July 2022

Big Movers

Over the last century, many names have come and gone from the trading world.

A few have, however, successfully taken advantage of market crashes and various currency trades to become one of a small number of big movers in global finance.

Many of these famous names made their fortunes when foreign exchange trading started to gain popularity.

However, for every known successful trader, it has to be remembered that other anonymous investors may also be just as successful.

Top 9 Big Movers In The Finance World Over The Last Century

Finance World

1. Jesse Livermore

Jesse is one of the earliest and most successful investors of all time, who had his own unique way of trading. Born in 1877, he became a stock trader who invested alone using personal funds and followed his own pattern.

His peak year was 1929; he made a colossal fortune of $100 million after benefiting from the 1929 market crash.

2. Jim Rogers

The experienced American investor, Jim Rogers, is a household name in the trading world due to his successful trading decisions and vast knowledge. Jim was born in 1942 and quickly made a name for himself in the 1970s after co-founding the Quantum Fund with George Soros.

Over ten years, they managed to gain a mega 4200%. Currently, Jim is the chair of Rogers Holdings, where he has made a reputation for his correct bullish predictions and uses his vast experience to educate new investors.

3. Richard Dennis

Richard is not only one of the top traders in the world but is also fabulous at teaching novices all they need to know to make successful investments.

This Chicago commodities trader became a millionaire by the age of 25 before making a staggering $200 million within ten years, cementing his place as one of the biggest movers in finance.

Richard’s golden year has to be 1986 when he made $80 million within 12 months. He is also responsible for creating the Turtle Trading Experiment with William Eckhardt. Using his own money, Richard wanted to prove that he could teach anyone how to invest.

4. Andy Krieger

Andy’s name must be mentioned when looking at big movers in the forex market. He was a trader who became instantly successful after joining the Bankers Trust in 1986. As a result, the company increased his capital limit to a massive $700 million.

In comparison, $50 million is the standard capital limit. Andy was a master of currency trading and profited from the crash of the New Zealand Dollar, gaining $300 million profit after taking advantage of Black Monday in 1987. 

5. Bruce Kovner

Bruce is another big name in the financial world who has made astronomical profits since he began trading in 1977. His initial investment was made using his personal credit card when he bought Soybean Futures Contracts, resulting in a quick $22,000 profit.

Once he joined the Commodities Corporation, he started turning over millions in profits, making him one of the most reliable traders. In 1983 Bruce founded Caxton Associates, one of the world’s most significant macro hedge funds, before retiring in 2011.

 6. Bill Lipschutz

The forex market would not be the same without Bill and his influential investments made throughout the 1990s. However, when Bill started trading in 1970, he began by successfully investing $12,000 and turning it into $250,000 before temporarily losing it all after making one bad investing decision.

In 1981 he joined the Salmon brothers and quickly began to make $300 million a year by investing in forex. Bill eventually became the Principal and Director of Portfolio Management at Hathersage Capital.

7. iStanley Druckenmiller

Stanley’s financial career began in 1977 at The Pittsburgh National Bank. Within four years, he had become highly successful, so he started up his own company, Duquesne Capital Management.

Between 1988 to 2000, Stanley managed money for George Soros, and they both became famous for their success with the Bank of England trade on Black Monday. Stanley even survived the 2008 economic collapse but soon after stopped investing.

8. George Soros

George is one of the most influential names in forex and is responsible for being one of the world’s biggest movers in the financial world. The Hungarian, born in 1930, started his trading career with Singer and Friedlander Limited London.

However, George is most famous for his 1992 Bank of England trade, where he profited from the Bank of England crash on Black Monday. He managed to make an unbelievable $1 billion profit from this trade. George went on to become the chair of the Soros Fund Management, which is one of the world’s most successful funds.

9. Learning from experience

Novice traders can learn a lot from these big movers. Many of these famous names are known for advising those just starting their investing journey. This advice can help kickstart the careers of new forex traders as they learn the essential rules of trading.


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