6 Ways Ria Money Transfer can Save You Money

by Finance Published on: 28 December 2021 Last Updated on: 29 December 2021

Ria Money Transfer

Money transfers have never been easier; there are a number of ways through which you can send money to your loved ones. Of the various digital methods, Ria offers the most convenient and cost-saving way to send money all across the globe. You can transfer money through physical outlets, the Ria website, or the Ria Money Transfer App.

Ria Money Transfer allows you to select the payout method of your choice, from bank deposit to mobile wallet; you can choose what works best for you. Ria has a payout network that spans 160 countries; it allows you to instantly transfer money in a safe and secure way at the best possible price.

There are several ways through which Ria Money Transfer can save you money and come in cheaper than other money transfer methods.

Best Exchange Rates

Best Exchange Rates

Ria Money Transfer provides the best exchange rates in the market; you can send money to the country you want to, for the best possible rate. It not only saves you money but also adds value to your money so that your loved ones can get the most out of each transaction. In some cases, the exchange rate can be so much better than other services that it can make a considerable difference.

Promotions and Offers

There are several promotions available at the Ria Money Transfer website and app; if you sign up for marketing messaging, you will be informed about all the ongoing promotions and bonuses. Furthermore, in select countries, Ria offers an introductory fee discount for new customers in the form of a promo code.

You can also get an invitation bonus if you were invited by any family member or friend. These promotions are only available with Ria and can save you the money you will not save anywhere else.

Direct Bank Deposits

Ria Money Transfer allows the users to make direct bank deposits to a beneficiary’s account by simply entering the bank name and IBAN. This direct transfer is beneficial in many ways. Firstly, it is safe and offers a secure way of transferring money.

Secondly, direct bank deposit eliminates the need for third parties and the third-party charges that follow, which in turn can save you a significant amount of money.

Low Transaction Fee

Transferring money to another country comes with hefty fees; using a conventional or old-fashioned method can end up costing a lot of money. Ria makes sure you save most of your money and charges the lowest transaction fees of all other international wire transfer services. In selected areas, the transaction fee is as low as $0, which allows you to transfer money without any charges or deductions, saving you a significant amount of money.

Eliminates Agent Fee

Agent fees and third-party charges in some areas also end up costing the sender a lot of money; however, by guaranteeing direct delivery, Ria Money Transfer eliminates these charges and gets the jobs done at a cheaper rate.

Send Money to More than 160 Countries

Send Money to More than 160 Countries

Ria has a payout network that spans over 160 countries; these countries include a number of countries where you can not send money with other wire transfer services. By providing equal access to all of the 160 countries in its payout network, Ria saves you that extra amount of money that would have been deducted in the form of special charges

In these ways and more, Ria saves you money and offers you an inexpensive and trustworthy way of sending money across the world.

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