The Best Ways to Send Money Digitally

by Money Published on: 22 October 2018 Last Updated on: 27 March 2024

The online world helps improve efficiency in many ways. One of the most prominent ways is by sending money. Banking, receiving and sending payments, and monitoring your finances is easier with apps and online banking.

Whether you’re paying employees or sending money to friends, there is a myriad of ways to send money online. Apps make it easy to safely transfer money and you can even transfer funds directly into someone’s bank account.

Here are the best ways to send money digitally. This list breaks down each method and includes different apps.

Domestic Transfers:

Are you sending money to a freelance employee or a friend located in your country? Domestic transfers are the most widely used option. You’ll likely use an app, such as PayPal or Venmo. For example, if you want to send money to Mexico, Envios de dinero a Mexico is your ultimate assistance.

You access the app, link your bank account to the app, and the app deducts money from your bank account and sends the money. You can even use these apps as a bank account to send and store money.

Most of these services are easy and free. Some apps have a lenient amount limit — some even allow you to transfer as much as $10,000!

Here are a few apps to consider:


This is the most widely used direct transfer app. Almost 180 million people are on PayPal. That’s why you should use PayPal when sending money to friends, family, and your freelance employees.

PayPal allows you to send as much as $10,000. PayPal deducts the money from your bank account or from your PayPal balance and the recipient will receive the money is as little as one day.

PayPal also ensures safety when sending money and even purchasing goods online. The recipient doesn’t view your bank or PayPal account information. This also gives you more protection from hackers.

PayPal isn’t for everyone. Businesses shouldn’t use PayPal as a bank account (individuals can).

If you plan on relying on PayPal for sending or receiving money, you’ll have to verify your account. Fortunately, this only requires a social security number.

If you decide to deduct funds from a debit or a credit card, you’ll be charged a fee. Many countries can also use PayPal because PayPal supports 100 currencies. But some countries may experience restrictions when using PayPal.


Venmo is another popular domestic transfer service. It’s owned by PayPal and acts as a social media platform for money transfers. You can create a profile and make statuses based on the money you send and receive.

Venmo also offers benefits that PayPal doesn’t have. You can transfer money with a debit card with no fees.

But PayPal also advances over Venmo in other areas. You can’t send more than $3,000 (or $2,999.99) on Venmo. Venmo also doesn’t offer the protection that PayPal does.

Google Wallet

If you have a Google account, you can use Google’s money transfer service for free.

Google Wallet sends money to any Google user extremely fast — within minutes of sending. That’s because Google Wallet directly links to your debit card.

You can send as much as $10,000.

But there is a catch. Google users have to set their default payment to Google Wallet. Google Wallet also doesn’t offer purchase protection and is best used for peer-to-peer purchases rather than for purchasing goods or paying employees.


If you want to send money directly from your bank account but with all of the benefits of PayPal, use Zelle. 100 bank accounts and credit unions now offer bank transfers through Zelle which means 95 million people have access to Zelle.

Are you unsure if your bank offers Zelle? No worries — Zelle is offered as a standalone app.

Zelle can deliver money to recipients in minutes. The funds are taken out of your bank account and delivered to the recipient’s bank account.

International Transfers:

What if you need to send money to someone who lives in another country? You can still use the benefits of digital payments, but there are some limitations.

Unfortunately, you have to consider the foreign exchange margin when using two different currencies. But many international money transfer apps let you do this with a small or even no fee.

Here are some good options:

Western Union

Western Union is one of the most famous money transferring networks. Western Union connects to 200 countries and 130 different currencies. Unlike other platforms, Western Union lets you transfer as much as $10,000.

But many people don’t use Western Union because of the high fees, not including bank fees. Transfers start with $5 fees. For fast-acting transfers, expect a $22 fee. Western Union also doesn’t provide protection against hackers.


OFX is popular because it doesn’t charge any fees, regardless of how much you’re sending. The currency exchange markups are also extremely low. OFX can send money to over 80 countries, which is more than TransferWise.


The only issue with transferring funds abroad is the length of time for the recipient to receive their money.

But Xoom promises the recipient will receive their funds in as short as one or two days. Depending on the amount transferred and where the recipient may receive their funds in only a few minutes.

Xoom partners with many international banks and supports payments made by bank account, debit card, and even credit card.

Wire and ACH Transfers:

If check payments are out of the question, the leading method for businesses to pay employees is through a wire transfer, famously known as a direct deposit.

Many businesses choose this because it’s easy for them, their employees, and you can easily send a large sum.

A similar method is domestic ACH, where funds are transferred with the recipient’s account and routing numbers. For this service, use a third-party company, such as Tipalti.

Send Money Digitally Today:

If you need to send money digitally, you have many options.

There is a myriad of apps and platforms that can send money domestically and internationally. Wire and ACH transfers are also options. Look through this list and decide the best option for you.

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